Fall BINGO {FREE Customizable Printable}

Free Fall Bingo Board Printables

After using my Summer Bingo Boards, several of you have asked for a fall version. Ask and you shall receive!

Printable Fall Bingo Board


fall bingoThere are two different sizes for different ages, activities, and needs. Use what suits you! Print your 49-square Fall Bingo Board here.

25 square bingo

Print your 25-square Fall Bingo Board here! You may either print the blank boards and fill them in by hand, or go ahead and type in your squares before printing.  They are fully customizable!

Bingo Board Ideas

Children love to mark their progress, and are encouraged by both short and long-term goals. Bingo boards are a great way to facilitate that! Use them to keep track of anything you please. I like to fill about 1/2 of the spaces with things *I* want each child to do (clean your room, get rid of 10 items from your room, read to your little sister…) and then let them fill the rest in with things *they* want to do (drink hot apple cider, make pumpkin muffins, jump in a pile of leaves…).  That gives a productive, fun balance to our days.  Here are a few more ideas:

Incentive Chore Chart

With school activities and evening practices and ballgames, sometimes household chores get set aside for “infinitely later.” Use the bingo board to record the “gotta get it done” tasks.  (And feel free to repeat in several squares.)  Heap on a reward for each Bingo and enjoy a fun family outing after a blackout!  Alternatively, have a “pay day” for each Bingo and a shopping date for a blackout.

  • clean out the car
  • water the garden
  • sweep the porch
  • clean your room
  • rake leaves

Bored No More

It happens. Even during the school year.  “Mom, I’m boooored.”  Save your breath!  When you hear that infamous phrase, point to the Bingo board.  Child must complete one (or five? ;) ) tasks on the board before uttering another complaint.  Likely, the child will get caught up in the activity and be bored no more!

  • complete a puzzle
  • read for 30 minutes
  • write a letter to a friend/cousin/grandparent
  • create a clay sculpture
  • practice and perform a skit

Reading Chart

Have a long list of books to read?  Need some motivation? Record titles on the chart.  Provide small prizes for every bingo and a larger one for a blackout.  (trip to the zoo, out for ice cream)  The same idea would work for a “homework review” type of chart.

Fall Bucket List

Enter all the activities and outings, large and small, that your child has to look forward to this fall.  Have fun looking ahead and marking them off as you go.

  • go to the pumpkin patch
  • carve a jack-o-lantern
  • walk through a corn maize
  • play flag football

Eat Your Way Through Fall

As the seasons change, we ditch many of our sandwiches (bye bye BLT, see you soon!) and salads for casseroles and soups. Our favorite Pumpkin Butterscotch Muffins make frequent breakfast and snack appearances. My kids ask and ask and ASK for that first steamy mug of hot chocolate. What are your favorite fall foods? Eat your way through your Fall Bingo Board!

Bingo Your Way

Rules schmules.  Our Bingo boards are definitely hybrid.  A mixture of fun, chores, big outings and the small stuff that makes for a full life! (That’s why I like the BIG board… we need 49 squares!)

  • write a thank you note
  • clean out under your bed
  • cheer on your favorite team
  • play SkipBo
  • eat pumpkin pie for breakfast

How will you use your Bingo chart this fall?


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  1. I thought my kids were the only ones who wanted hot chocolate 5 minutes after the first cool evening or morning! Menu changes here too

  2. This is a fabulous idea! Thanks for this!

  3. Virginia Phillips says:

    The link for the 25 square bingo brings up the 49 square board instead. Can’t access the 25 square card.

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