Easy French Bread

French bread just needs to be homemade.  The stuff in the store is so… airy.  This is worth the effort!  I first learned to make French bread in 4-H foods class.  It’s best eaten fresh, but makes fabulous toast and French toast a day or two later!

French Bread



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  1. I love homemade bread, and I’m always looking for a good recipe. I just made some and it’s rising as I type!

  2. This looks really good. Wonder if it could be mixed in a bread machine? I can’t knead for long periods anymore.

  3. I made french bread today to go with this:


  4. This bread would make the best garlic bread. Thanks!

  5. Jennifer Young says:

    I made this tonight and I was very impressed! I did not have any cornmeal, so I skipped that part. It turned out perfect. We had ours with Chicken Alfredo pasta. And… I had a slice slathered with butter and honey for dessert. Oh, I love my carbs!

    Amy, could you freeze this unbaked at some point? Thanks!

    • Then did you toast some this morning for breakfast? That’s MY favorite. 😉 I’ve never tried freezing the dough, but If I did, I think I’d try freeing a fully shaped loaf and letting it rise overnight.

      • I freeze sandwich bread loaves–shaped, after the first rise. Then just let rise on the cupboard until they are not cold and start rising again. Works for me!

        • Jennifer Young says:

          Soooo I tried freezing and it did not work for me:( The loaves came out very flat. I think I will just bake first and then freeze. Two other questions… what do you cover your dough with when it’s rising? I have used a damp towel, but the dough rises up onto the towel and then it’s almost impossible to get off. I’m weirdly scared to put plastic wrap in my oven (I turn it on for a few minutes and then turn it off to get my warm place to rise). Any suggestions? Also, do you bake both loaves at the same time or one at a time? Thanks!

          • I don’t cover my dough at all when it’s rising. I do that same oven method, also. I have baked both loaves at the same time, and just rotate the racks.

      • Jennifer Young says:

        Ok, am I the most annoying commenter or what? Any suggestions on keeping the bread fresh? It’s amazing fresh out of the oven and a few hours after. But it seems like no matter what I do, it gets stale the next day. Thanks!

        • Ha! Not at all annoying, and a valid question. Truly, though, I prefer to just use it up quickly. In the day or two after it’s baked, I prefer it as french toast or regular toast. Day-old french bread makes the BEST TOAST EVER! (Oh, and croutons. Make croutons with it!) I think I’m going to write a “what to do with day-old french bread post. 😉

  6. I make our family’s bread too, hope you can get back into it when things settle down a little…….well, do they ever really settle down? No, but we somehow learn to juggle even more things, lol 🙂

    Thanks for the recipe- I’ve never used the water in the pan thing, so I’m going to try it tomorrow. You’re so right, most “French” bread in the store is blah :/

  7. Hi was just wondering how much flour should be left over or if any??

    • It all depends on what kind of flour you use and how humid it is in your area. I’m also told that altitude may affect how much flour you need. I wrote the recipe to use all of the flour, but you certainly don’t want a heavy, stiff dough, so just add a little at a time toward the end until the dough is easy to knead and not sticky. Hope that helps!

  8. Yes it does thank you. This was the first bread I ever made and didn’t know altitude hindered it. we are above by 1,000 here in Co so I guess that’s why I didnt need it all. thanks again 🙂

  9. For the 2nd bake, do you keep the water in there, or remove it? Thanks, I can’t wait to try this recipe!

    • I leave the water in the whole time. Don’t know if that’s the “right” answer, but it’s what I’ve always done. 🙂

  10. This bread is perfect! Since this was the first time making French bread from scratch, I was not sure what to expect. I was so excited when the bread turned out so good. It was so cute because my 15 month old kept running into the kitchen and pointing to the bread because he wanted more 🙂


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