Download The Jesus Storybook Bible for $1.99

Jesus Storybook Bible download, $1.99

I saw this last week and am surprised it’s still available!  Download The Jesus Storybook Bible for only $1.99 right now on  I just snagged our copy!

I hear great things about this particular children’s Bible.  Have you read it?  What do you think? 


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  1. Love this book or better yet, it’s message! The illustrations are unique and it reads so nicely, like your sitting in Jesus lap & he’s telling the stories 😉

  2. LOVE this! Best children’s bible. I love how it connects every story of the Bible to God’s love and redemption of our people! Wonderful!

  3. This is an excellent book. We just finished reading it this morning at breakfast. The stories are understandable and told clearly for children to understand. I love how each story points to God’s redemption!

    Now I’m looking for another great Bible story book to read at breakfast.

  4. We love this book. My husband has been reading through it with my 4 year old. And my 4 year old loves it too!

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