Do You Give a Cup?

I had to laugh when Peet’s coffee asked me to share with you their Give a Cup promotion.  Right now, in the heat of the summer, in the middle of harvest, nearing the end of baseball/softball season, at the end of my rope, I’m finding it difficult to Give a Cup about much of anything.  😉  And that right there is when things start to get fun around here!  Care to join me?

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I Give a Cup about…

  • Mr. 7 swinging the bat level and actually hitting the ball instead of “trying to hit a pop fly homer, mom!”
  • Miss 10 months and her random refusals of sleep of any kind.  (Good thing she’s cute!)
  • Mr. 2 and his recent interest and success with peeing and pooping in the toilet!  Can I get a Woo-Hoo?!  “Oh!  It’s gas, Mom!  I’ve got gas!  I’m peeing, Mom!  You want to see it!  Turn the light off, Mom, so you can hear it!”  Yes, really.
  • Miss 5 and her cartwheel persistence.  Three months ago I thought she was either 1) going to end up in the emergency room, or 2) crash right through the floor and all of a sudden she is almost even graceful with it.  So proud!
  • Miss 10 and her pushing past the barriers of her comfort zone.  Reminding her that there is no way to insure you won’t strike out, but the only way to success is to swing the bat.  Reminding myself to listen to my own advice.
  • Feeding my crew.  They are hungry all.the.time.  Pack of wolves, I tell ya.
  • My voice and what it sounds like to them. What do they hear in me?
  • My husband.  My rock.  What does he come home to after a 13 hour workday in the wheat field?
  • Air-conditioning.  I like not being hot.
Peet’s coffee is celebrating the introduction of their new Single Cups blends, and they want you to join the party! To celebrate this journey, they’re launching Give A Cup, the Internet’s very first social sampling experiment.
Each week, you can go to and vote on a topic. The topics are fun, current and sometimes a bit quirky. Your votes determine where they host sampling events each week.
Give a Cup about kale? Maybe they’ll show up at a farmer’s market. Don’t give a cup about kale? See you at the chocolate store down the street. It’s up to you and America to decide where they go so vote, share, and participate in our social sampling experiment!
So tell me friends, what’s important to you?  What makes you say “I Give a Cup!”
Disclosure:  Peet’s coffee and Social Chorus are compensating me for sharing Give a Cup with you.  That’s a happy thing, because iced coffee should go on my Give a Cup list.  Yummy.
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  1. When I saw your title, I had to shout out, “I shipped my pants!”

    (Hope you saw that commercial. Lordy.)

  2. I agree with the A/C. I am one grumpy Mom when I am hot, it is just better for all involved to keep that A/C running!

  3. How do you get your kids motivated to potty train? My son will be 3 tomorrow and he has absolutely no motivation at all, no matter how fun, interesting, or “grown-up” I make it seem! : ( I’m tired of changing 2 kids in diapers and certainly don’t want to make it 3, as #3 is on the way! Any advice would be helpful. Just thought I would ask since you are currently going through this with your 2 year old.

    • I gave up on motivating them 3 kids ago. Ha! My first (girl) was easy-peasy. Practically trained herself before she even turned 2. My second (boy) well… I am NOT proud of MY behavior with him. He turned 3 before he had any interest at all, and that was maddening to me at the time! Then all of a sudden he was interested and that was that. Same story with my 3rd (girl). She was almost 3 before she trained. I started offering the potty seat (that goes on top of the regular toilet) to Mr. 2 right after he turned 2. No pressure, just an offer. Nope. He wanted nothing to do with it. I offered about once a month, and all of a sudden just last week he told me he wanted to pee on the potty! We’re not THERE yet. He’s still wearing diapers. BUT he does enjoy doing his business, ALL of his business on the toilet once or twice a day now. And yes, I get the “You see that, mom? I peed? Can I have candy now?” And yes, I give him candy. 😉 He’ll be 3 in September.

      I’ll try to write that out in a post and be more detailed soon. Good topic!

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