Do the Next Thing {Get it Together ~ Day 8}

I first saw it on an index card, leaning on my Super Aunt’s kitchen backsplash, behind the sink. Motivation?  Instruction?  Or perhaps, just a simple reminder:

Do the Next Thing

Getting it Together is hard work for those of us with Type Z personalities. 😉   The goals, the cleaning schedule, the color-coded planners.  Sometimes it’s just a little more organization and productivity than my scatter-brained-self can handle.

That’s when I turn to the memory of the index card:

Do the Next Thing

If you find yourself staring at a big ‘ol mess in the kitchen, and don’t know where to start, just Do the Next Thing.

If your to-do list has more items than there are minutes in the day, just Do the Next Thing.

If you sit, overwhelmed into temporary paralysis at the thought of getting started on a project, just Do the Next Thing. 

Tonight, I cleaned the bathroom, washed the dishes, unloaded the dishwasher, switched laundry 3 times, and cleared off the dining table.  Again.  No, I’m not superwoman.  Quite the opposite, actually.  I’m overwhelmed with post-hospital re-entry.  I’m exhausted from our long week.  I don’t know where to start with the piles of gifts and mail and school papers and stuffIshouldhavetossedlongago. 

I do not have it together.

I will not get it together tonight, or even this weekend.

But I can Do the Next Thing, and that is something.  Something isn’t overwhelming.  Something isn’t insurmountable.  Something is doable.  

If you’re on this journey with me and you’re overwhelmed by the scheduling and planning and magnitude of it all, just take a deep breath and Do the Next Thing. 



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  1. I so struggle with the paralysis of overloaded and overwhelmed. I think it’s related to being a perfectionist and having a bit of OCD. If I can’t do it all and do it perfectly, why bother? So things go un-started and undone and pile up and the feelings of overwhelming paralysis build up and it’s this vicious cycle. Sometimes, my husband will recognize it and help. Once someone gets started, I can pitch in and help.
    Maybe I need to make up a few of those index cards to place around my house. Remind myself that it doesn’t have to be perfectly done or even completely finished the day it is started. I just have to Do The Next Thing.

  2. This is really good advice even for those of us who love lists and planning. I have a bit of a habit of spending 2 hours creating my perfect list or schedule and by then I have run out of time to actually do the things on the schedule and I start off behind already. Just doing the next thing would help prevent me from trying to do everything and ending up doing nothing.

  3. Great advice! I need this when I woke up this morning I took one look at my kitchen and wished I had just stayed in bed!

  4. Excellent post!!! Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Thanks for this post and the series! Everyday I pray “Lord, help me to get it together.” Even though I haven’t seen my prayer come anywhere near to fruition, I think He is working on me in this area! And sometimes He uses little reminders such as your aunt’s quote to help me get a little closer!

  6. Just what I needed to hear today! Now I’m closing the computer and doing the next thing…laundry.

  7. Simplicity is the key. Thanks!

  8. Thank you for this! Amidst the unpacking, grocery shopping, baby food preparing, sleeping, cleaning, play time with/supervision of a walking(!) 11 mo. old, out of town visitors, etc. I have found myself paralyzed by indecision on a number of occasions over the last month.


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