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Do Over {A Fresh Start}

I fail.  A lot.

Failure is not the end.  It’s not a sign to quit.  Not a statement of worth. 

So many New Year’s Resolutions are punted by the middle of January.  I give up.  I can’t do this.

Stop it!

One of my weaknesses is that if I don’t have a productive morning I’ll often “punt” my to-do list and try again the next morning.  I try again, sure, but why not have a do-over at noon instead of waiting and wasting the rest of the day?  Didn’t get the Christmas thank yous sent out by January 1?  Do-over!  Get them out by January 15.  The action will be appreciated more than the intention.

Whatever it is you’re striving for, whether it be today, this week, or this year… allow yourself a do-over as often as you need it. 

Start fresh this week.  Start fresh today.  Start fresh at noon.  Start fresh in the next 30 minutes.

You didn’t fail.  You just need a do-over.  Right now.  😉