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From the schedule they gave us, I knew that our first official family event at Disney would take place at Epcot.  There was charter bus transportation for bloggers at a certain time, and a separate charter bus for our families an hour later, but Lance and I knew that this would be our only Epcot opportunity while we were there, so our goal was to get there early to explore as a family, and then meet the group at the designated location.

We were told to hop on the monorail (which stops inside our resort ~ so cool!), get off at the transportation center, hop another monorail, and get off at Epcot.  Easy peasy, right?  Um, with 5 kids and a double stroller?  We were nervous, but it turns out the stroller slid on the monorail just fine making it so convenient, especially when the littles did this:

big day

I was a mess on our first monorail leg.  “Are you suuuuuuure we get off here?  I didn’t hear the guy!” My husband was much more calm, and very tolerant of me, and yes, that’s where we got off to switch lines.  “Look, mom!  There IS a beach here!  I told you!” Our 5 year old was very determined to see the beach while in Florida, and this scene near the transportation center completely pacified her.  Ha!

So, we stood and waited, and since we needed a little decompression time in the hotel and time to gear up for evening activities, we were none too early.  I was worried about being late.  And then?  While we were waiting at the exchange, the monorail broke down.  Whoops!

travel center

I have to give my kids credit.  There was a lot of waiting for excitement that first day, and other than one initial meltdown, they did beautifully!  And… I have to laugh at my husband.  I was lamenting being late, giving myself the “Oh, well.  No big deal,” pep talk, and while stranded at the transportation center, with 5 minutes to be wherever I was supposed to be in the middle of Epcot, he says, “Who knows?  Maybe the train will get here, dump us off at the front, and wherever you’re supposed to be will be right there and you’ll still make it.”  He was dead serious.  I just stared at him.

We’re not in Tiny Town, babe. 

Thirty minutes later I was where I needed to be, and it truly was no big deal.  The conference cast members (all Disney employees are called cast members, and that is a well-deserved name!) were on the lookout for stragglers.  They spied our event lanyards and directed us to the right spot.  I left the whole family to fend for themselves for 45 minutes (told Lance to take all 5 kids on a ride or something, and he laughed at me) while I went to the welcome reception.

Soon it was family time again and droves of family members met up with their bloggers at the pavilion.  Except for my family.  They were MIA.  I waited at the entrance, figuring they were stuck on the ride I told them to go find (ha!), and yes, they were.  Ten minutes later we reunited and started meeting friends.  One of the reasons I was so excited about this trip is that some of my very dear friends, the ones who live in my computer 😉 , were also on the trip and we got to do it all together, with our families!  So exciting!


My oldest and Amy N’s oldest = fast friends!

The opening event theme was “Try It!” and there were all sorts of different foods and activities for the kids to try.  There was lots of loud music and dancing and entertainment, opportunities for photos with super heroes, and just a general party time.  Even Mickey showed up!

Video by TheQFamilyAdventures

The kids in our group hit it off immediately, and before I knew it our kids were eating with their kids and I didn’t know where half of my children even were and it was happy chaos.  Just like Disney should be, right?



try it

After dinner, we headed out into the dark for a dessert party and the best seats in the house to watch Epcot’s IllumiNations:  Reflections of Earth.  Amazing!


photo by Amy


photo by Amy

You’d think those kids would have met each other more than 3 hours before this photo was taken, huh?!

After the show we loaded the charter buses to head back to the Contemporary for a well-deserved night’s sleep.  I was “warned” that little gift fairies would likely visit our room each night when we were out at family activities.  Armed with that knowledge, it was easy to make sure the kids helped keep our room nice and neat before we left each day.  The Social Media Moms Celebration staff spoiled us rotten from the time we arrived until the time we left, and it was so fun to walk in on a surprise each night.

On our bus trip back we spied the Magic Kingdom fireworks show, unloaded groceries that Shannon so graciously purchased for us, and headed up to the room.

Before long, we all looked like this.


And then this.

sleep night one

What a day!  {More to come…} 

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