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How about that internet accountability! Last week I took down our Christmas decorations right after posting my personal 730 in 365 resolution.  While packing away holiday nic-nacs and what-nots accumulated over the last 11 years, I realized that I don’t need all of them.  In fact, I don’t even like all of them!

Nineteen items in a sealed garage sale box later, I am well on my way to my goal of making my home 730 things lighter this year. Based on the 35 comments received about our clutter issues, perhaps I’m not the only one who needs to start the new decade with a drastic declutter goal.

Who wants a challenge? It doesn’t have to be 730 items (an average of 2 items each day of the year), but if you want to see a clutter decline in your home, set your goal and go for it!  I’ll post a linky at the end of every month so we can encourage and hold one another accountable. In my monthly posts I’ll likely show you all sorts of interesting 😉 photos of my stuff, along with a record of how many things I’ve gotten rid of and the method to my decluttering madness (garage sale, toss it, consignment shop, Goodwill, etc.)

You make your own rules. As long as you are making your home sing by getting rid of a few (or a lot!) unneeded items, you’re in!  Feel free to add the Declutter Challenge button to your blog as a friendly reminder, and then come back here at the end of each month for a little show-n-tell.

Are you in?!

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  1. Oh I’m definitely in!

    I’m not a pack rat either, but it seems our house has gotten a little out of control since the birth of my last baby EIGHT MONTHS AGO!!

    Time to get crackin’, huh?

    The most logical place for me to start is in the Laundry Room.

    Thanks for the nudge I needed to get moving with this!


  2. I’m in! I’ve been on a mission for awhile not but we recently moved and I realized all the progress I had made was not enough. We still have too much stuff. I’ll glading be tossing/donating/selling/etc. this year and would love to take on your challenge.

  3. Count me in! Decluttering is one of my New Year’s resolutions too. I recently posted about how I decide what to get rid of when clearing clutter. I love the idea of getting rid of a certain number of items!

  4. Ok I can do this! I will purge at least 2 things per day if not more 🙂

  5. Rachel Addison says:

    I’ve been pondering this since you first posted about it. I decided to count it in garbage bags instead. I will have gotten rid of at least 36 garbage bags by the end of the year. I’ve already done 4 this year. I’m hoping by the end of the year it will get hard to fill just one.

  6. I did the same thing with decorations. Today I rid myself of 5 useless items!

  7. I’m in! 😀 LOL! Can we all put our hands in kinda like a team and do some kind of thing like they do in sports? LOL! 😀

  8. I’m in! I’m hoping to declutter one area in my home each month this year.

  9. I want to do it! I’ve been thinking about this post you wrote since I read it, so that tells me that I definitely need to jump on in. Do you have a button or anything like that so that I can write a post about it and include it in the post?

  10. I did two things this week so far. I think I’ll make that my goal! It sounds wimpy, but that would be 104 things gone by the end of the year and then I wouldn’t be overwhelmed! I’m in!

  11. I am so excited about this, I’m going to start right now and get going with it. I already have a garage sale pile going for the spring and I can’t wait to get rid of all the stuff! so much more to go too. Thanks for this chance at accountability!

  12. I’m in! I need the motivation and the accountability!

  13. I’m in! I just cleaned out quite a bit from our closet, so I’ve got a nice head start.

  14. I’ve started out this week already by getting rid of over 50 things so I think I can do this 🙂

  15. Good luck on that challenge. I think it is a great way to get a handle on things:-)

  16. Made my goal 500 based on the fact that a LOT of “stuff” has left my house in the past 6 months but oh! so much more to go. 😀

  17. I am IN— Already blogged about it and have started to organize!!! So excited about this!

  18. I’m IN! We have been married 3 years and have already collected some extra stuff (apparently we had three chopping appliances… really is that necessary?) Anyways, I’m in I’m in I’m in!!

  19. I am committed to give away 730 items this year. I have already donated 91 items. It is going to feel great to declutter and give the things we don’t need a new home. I think it is a great idea to encourage each other every month. Thanks for the idea!

  20. I’m in! Here’s the post I did today about my spice cabinets 🙂

  21. I’m actually excited about this…We live in a small townhouse & with the 3 young kiddos we sure have a lot of junk!!

    And I’m with Sherry…I think we should get t-shirts and have our own special decluttering cheer!! =)

  22. This is going to be really hard for me .. I feel that most everything I have is memories or something I may need later, but I have to try and do this because it is getting so bad.. I have so much stuff. I will start tomorrow and work really hard this weekend trying to get rid off or giveaway some items.. I plan on having a huge garage sale this summer so maybe that will help me…. Thanks.

    • How’s it going, Renee? I know people with the same issues. Everything is important to them, but a peaceful home can only hold so much. Something you might try… take photos of things that you want to remember but you really don’t need to keep around. Make an album of those special items.

  23. Yeah – I’ve started doing this already – but it’ll be good to join the challenge to make it consistent!

  24. I’m already in! So far 13 items have left my home since your first post. I have another bag started waiting for more stuff to go.

  25. I AM SO IN!!!!

  26. Oh…do you know if there’s a widget or counter to put on a blog to keep track of how many items have gone out?

  27. I have to get rid of the last of my stuff before we move! I am totally in! We are moving in approx. 6 months so that will be my goal! I love a good challenge…

  28. Found this through Happy. I’m in! I’ve been getting rid of stuff for awhile now, but more stuff just keeps creeping in…
    My next step needs to be my drawers. They’ve been neglected for years.

  29. This was an answer to prayer – I need the accountability. I’m sure there are way more than 730 things in this house that need to go. Since its 1am, I’ll start tomorrow.

    Thanks for a nice kick in the pants.

  30. Hi – My first visit to your blog, but I sure would like to join in your challenge. Two items a day doesn’t sound like much, but by the end of the year . . .

  31. I am definitely in. We’ve been doing some major decluttering for the past year or so — yeah, we have that much junk accumulated. No more! Our goal is to fill one large garbage bag to set out each week for trash or charity.

    Right now, my kids are really growing out of their clothes. Well, off they go to goodwill if they don’t fit anymore. And, I totally hear you about the Christmas decorations. I purged mine last year and was amazed at how much I didn’t use (and how many tacky, ugly things I managed to acquire — lol!).

  32. sara loud says:

    I’m totally in! I saw your “2 things a day” post and decided to start then and there. 6 days into it I’m going strong and am excited about getting rid of items.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  33. Oh I’m so in!!! We’ve just moved and I decluttered literally 50 boxes of STUFF for a yard sale this spring and I’m not done yet! This will help keep me motivated through the year to get rid of this crap!

  34. I am so in! I blogged about it here:

    There is something about a challenge that so motivates me!

  35. I’m in! Not sure what the quantity will be yet (I’m thinking several hundred – one thing I intend on getting rid of is CD cases, especially all those broken ones!) but I can definitely stand to get rid of a few things and hopefully re-organize in the process.

  36. Sounds good to me! I did that last year with our Christmas decorations and am beginning to go room by room to clean out again. I do this at the beginning of the year then again during the summer when I seem to have more time. I try to choose what will sell on eBay first before tossing then donate the rest. Garage sales are too time-consuming for the $ you make for me.

    • Garage sales ARE time consuming. The only way they work for me is to do it during a community-wide sale and to do it WITH family and friends. Makes it so much more fun. 🙂 I like our local consignment shop, too, for things I know won’t sell at a garage sale.

  37. I’m so excited to have seen this over on a friend’s blog! I think this is the motivation I need; I’M IN!! Less stuff, Less stress. Sounds good to me.

  38. I am so in! I do that anyway this time of year. But this year, I am so in the mood to get rid of things I don’t love or use. Plus, with our little guy turning one in March, he is our last baby, so I will have baby stuff to get rid of also!

  39. I’m in for the 730 and hope to make it more! I’ve also made it a bit more personal and have challenged my sister to do the same. Nothing like a little friendly competition! 🙂

  40. I’m in – trying to decide if decluttering my bookmarks counts…maybe every 20 deleted counts as 1?

  41. I think I have much more than 730 to get rid of. I’m in!! I posted yesterday about trying to get organized and I’m starting with clothing. Thanks for helping us be accountable!! 😀

  42. Love it! Decluttering is a part of our January “Month of Austerity.” So far, we’ve got two big bags of clothes and several boxes of odds and ends to give away, a big pile of boxes for the recycle bin, and 7 collectibles up on ebay… yippee!! I wish I would have thought to count all the junk I got rid of….great idea!!

  43. We just did some MAJOR de-cluttering and reorganizing around here. It feels so…freeing. 🙂

  44. I’m in! I might need to do 730 a month!

  45. I just found your blog, but am really enjoying it. Last year, I did a major declutter of our lives (& home). We no longer have anything in our home that isn’t used at the very least on a monthly basis (and nearly everything is used weekly). It is so freeing and SOOO easy to keep organized and clean.
    My children play better. My husband and I are more relaxed because the clutter leaving has allowed room for peace to enter.

  46. Thank you for such this challenge such a simple ideal to aim for – here’s hoping I have the diligence to complete it.

    I’ve been a real clutterbug my whole life and am committed to doing something about it this year.

    So I’m committing to your challenge as well as My Simple Life’s declutter calendar.

    All the best to everyone taking part – may we all have the diligence to reclaim our homes back!

  47. I’m SO in! Thanks Amy!!

  48. I’m so totally in. I already had “Get rid of 101 items I own” on my 101 in 1001 list, but I could totally get rid of 730 things (and probably not miss many of them!)

    Great idea!

  49. I’m always up for decluttering! No real number in mind (730 sounds good to me!), but I do know that anything would be welcome. I’m not the pack rat, but there’s about 6 others here (ok, maybe not the baby)…who ARE!

  50. I have a similar New Year’s Resolution:

    **Declutter/organize/purge one room per week in my home.**

    I started with the worst room last week, my 5-year old (youngest). The greatest thing was getting all the hand-me-down clothes organized and purged. She did a great job purging her stuffed animals and toys. We sold some things at a kids’ resale shop and made $26.

    I’m not sure how many things we purged, but I bet it’s near 100!

  51. I know I am coming in late to the party…but I am SOO going to do this! I even have two boxes ready to be filled up for goodwill! Now I just need to fill them, LOL!

  52. Ooo.. count me in!! I really really need to declutter.

  53. Never too late, hun? OK, I really need to do this, so I’m on board too. I’m not a huge pack rat, but things just accumulate, don’t they? I’d be happy with just one thing for each day- so 365 for me (eek- it’s the 13th, I’d better get started!)

  54. I’m definately in! I’ve already blogged about it and everything. I should really be sleeping since it’s 2 am, but I think I may go start LOL.

  55. I am in! We moves this last summer and I got rid of a LOT of things- but with two children stuff piles up fast! I should make it 1460 things, but I’ll stick to the 730. 🙂

  56. im in. im sure i can find all 730 in the kid’s bedrooms 🙂

  57. I’m definitely joining in this challenge. (Although, I admit that I’m too lazy to post pictures.) I have been steadily de-cluttering for over a year now. It feels so so so good to get rid of stuff. Especially things that I look at every day, but never use. It’s so invigorating! Thanks for the challenge.

    By the way, I just noticed your dry skin post. I have a serious problem with this as well. And I live in the south where it’s very humid. Anyway, my Dad just recommended that I try Olay Quench lotion (they have a new fragrance-free version, which is what I use). It works far better than any other lotion I’ve ever used. I have always had a major problem with my hands cracking and bleeding all winter. Since I started using this lotion (and yes, I apply it every time I wash my hands…it’s totally 100% worth the extra few seconds) my hands are back to normal. It’s miraculous. Give it a try!

  58. Better late than never and I am so in! I’ve already been doing this but now, I can keep track too!

  59. Great idea! I’m more motivated when I can keep track of things like this and see how it all adds up. I’m spatially-oriented, so I’m going to aim for 730 ft (cubed) of stuff in one year. If anyone is interested, there are word meters that can track your progress. I get mine here:

    Happy purging!

  60. I am in! I need to get rid of things and stop thinking that I NEED them. 🙂

  61. I am in! I have been working with the Fly Lady, and I also just ordered my de-cluttering DVD from the “Slob Sisters.” I am sure that it will help me view my possessions in a healthier light. 🙂

  62. I just found this post and I am totally in…

    Thanks for the challenge!

  63. this is an inspiration!. totally want to give it a shot!

  64. Im in for decluttering!

  65. Amy,

    I’m joining in too! Nothing like a good challenge to continue to declutter my home! I’m setting a goal of getting rid of 365 things this year! (If I can get rid of more then that’s just great!!)

  66. I am totally in. I am shooting for 365 things and hoping I will exceed that by far. It’s time to break the clutter cycle in our family,
    Thanks for the challenge

  67. I’m in! I need to get rid of so much stuff it’s not even funny and I very much can’t wait to do it!

  68. I’m late but I’m in! We did a major over-haul of the kid’s toys 2 weekends ago so I’m going to estimate how many things we got rid of. I’ll probably under-estimate but I’d rather that than over-estimate. That way I’m forced to get rid of more things!

  69. I’m in for sure! I already started my own spring fling challenge (just for myself) so I’ve begun to declutter our home. Looking forward to it!

  70. My sister and I started to get rid of one thing a day in November of 2009. While I fail to “blog” every day as we had planned, I still get rid of one (or more) thing(s) a day. It’s amazing what it has taught my 4 year old! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    PS. I’ve added your site to our blog! Thanks

  71. I am VERY late to this but it has come at just the right time for me. I’m about to commit to this on my blog and on facebook to my friends, so I will be very accountable!

  72. Ok, I’m mega late too and have followed my pal, Laura, into the fray! I cannot live like this anymore and I too am pledging to declutter over the next year, two items a day minimum. ;o)

  73. I LOVE this challenge idea…I’m sharing it on my blog. Garage sale this weekend at my house and everything is going to Goodwill after. Thanks for the challenge! 🙂


  74. Are you doing this again for 2011?

  75. I am in! I am going with one a day…give away!(or sell, or throw out) Looking forward to joining in the fun and the journey to simplicity!


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