Dear June, You about did me in.

Oh, summer. You are a wild ride! Yes, I realize it’s already the second week of July. Yes, I realize this blog is nearly dormant. Life is keeping us hoppin’ friends, and we don’t even have a new baby yet! Here are my excuses, rolled up into a calender that doesn’t even include feeding all of the people and bathing all of the people and shopping for food for all of the people…

1 ~ Baseball practice, 1:00

2 ~ Football Camp, 6:30-8, 12-1, Vacation Bible School, 8:30-11:45, sick toddler

3 ~ Football Camp, 6:30-8, 12-1, Vacation Bible School, 8:30-11:45, 12:30 softball practice, 5:15 Azure co-op drop, 6:00 baseball practice, 8:30 softball game, sick toddler


I’ve taught the 5th/6th grade class for 5 years, but this year they needed me in 3rd/4th grade. Fun group!

4 ~ Football Camp, 6:30-8, 12-1, Vacation Bible School, 8:30-11:45, sick toddler

5 ~ Football Camp, 6:30-8, 12-1, Vacation Bible School, 8:30-11:45, 7:30 baseball practice

6 ~ Football Camp, 6:30-8, 12-1, Vacation Bible School, 8:30-11:45, 3:00 baseball practice


Mr. 3 was a big shot this year with a class of his own!

7 ~ Baseball tournament, 9:00 and 10:45, 3:00 wedding


Small town weddings are the best! Reception and dinner in the old school, complete with playground for the restless, tired kiddos.

8 ~ Baseball tournament. I can’t even remember game times after this:


And we came *this close* to heading to the ER. Nice baseball stitches above the eyebrow there, champ.


Rough day.

9 ~ 7am Swim team practice, 6:00 softball practice

10 ~ 7am Swim team practice, 9:30 story hour, 10:30 dentist for three of us, 6:30 baseball, 7:30 softball

11 ~ 7am Swim team practice, 4:00 swim lessons, 7:00 basketball practice

12 ~ 7am Swim team practice, 9:30 story hour, 10:45 OB check, 8:30 baseball game


Did I tell you about the one where I had the brilliant idea of cleaning the carpets (living room and two bedrooms) between a morning appointment and an evening baseball game and how that did not work out at all?! (Dear Rug Doctor, I am soooo not impressed.)

13 ~ 7am Swim team practice, 10:30 hair appointment

14 ~ 9:00 baseball practice

15 ~ Father’s Day farm trip

16 ~ 7am Swim team practice, 6:30 Essential Oils class at my house

17 ~ 8am-1pm Swim Meet, 9:30 story hour, 3:45 Azure drop, 6:30 softball and baseball


Swim team is new for us this year. I know, we needed one.more.thing! 😉 Really, though, it was fabulous. It’s a short season and the kids get themselves to practice. It got everyone up and going in the morning and was good discipline for them. Bonus: their swimming skills and endurance improved immensely!


I feel ya, sister!

18 ~ 7am Swim team practice, 8:30 basketball practice, drive Miss 11 to meet cousin for overnighter and more basketball practice

19 ~ 7am Swim team practice, 8am softball practice, 9:30 story hour, 7:30 baseball


Because half price shakes totally count as supper at least once during the summer. (I’ll pass on the Jalapeno Chocolate, though. What in the world?!)

20 ~ 8-noon swim meet

21 ~ Basketball at 9, 12, 4:30 and 6:30, Baseball at 11 and 3

22 ~ Basketball at 10, 2, and 3, Baseball at 1, 3, and 5


It was a HOT weekend, but so much fun! (I’m not sure what made it more fun… coming from behind to win the championship, or having a babysitter and leaving the 3 littles home!)

23 ~ 7am Swim team practice, 9:45 OB appointment

24 ~ 8-noon swim meet, 7:30 softball, 8:30 baseball <——– cancelled by rain! Yipee! An evening at home!

25 ~ 7am Swim team practice, 8:30 basketball

26 ~ 7am Swim team practice, 9:30 story hour, Essential Oils class here at 6:30

27 ~ 8-1 swim meet

28 ~ 9, 12:40, 4:20 baseball <——– cancelled by rain! so we went to a birthday party instead


29 ~ Baseball at 11:15, 1, and 4:30ish <———- can’t even remember now. My brain is mush.

30 ~ 7am Swim team practice

Dear July, Please play nice. Mama’s tired.

So, tell me about your summer. Is it crazy? Do you have lazy days? (Our “go outside and play!” lazy days are coming, I promise. Swim team is done, and after tonight baseball/softball are done.) Who else is waiting on a baby this summer? Fill me in!

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  1. What a crazy month! You’ll be ready for baby to come so you can slow down a little. By the way, you are the cutest, tiniest pregnant women ever! I guess maybe that’s a perk of being so active, less baby weight. 🙂

    Hopefully he/she will make an appearance soon and you’ll have a smooth labor. Excited for you!

  2. Sheila Laurence says:

    I’m going to say you win – my June was not NEARLY so busy. 🙂 Actually, summer is a slower time for our family in general, and I relish it. I”m so glad to see a post. I was stalking your blog/Facebook yesterday wondering about the baby. I hope July is a bit slower with time to enjoy this new blessing!

  3. I’m tired for you!!!
    I’m due with baby girl #3 the end if Aug. We thought it would be a good idea to drive from VA to TX and back to see family. We got back this weekend. It was a fun 3 weeks but I’m beat!! 60+ hours in the car at 30-33 weeks pregnant was as much fun as it sounds.
    Luckily, I have NOTHING planned for the rest of the summer. 🙂

  4. I feel ya! We have 8 kiddos with one on the way. This summer we went camping for over a week. We had out of town guests last week/weekend. This week we’re in the thick of evening VBS and a few other activities. Next week we’re hustling to get 4H projects completed and judging is the following week. Then more out of town guests, a bit of free time and then hubby goes back to teaching and we start our homeschool year again. On top of all that we have piano lessons every week, ortho appointments and a son who’s trying to get his permit driving hours in so he can get his license ASAP since he’ll be the “mom taxi” to piano and dance once baby comes in September. *sigh* Just keep swimming…

    • I had to stop at *evening* VBS. My energy is g.o.n.e. after about 1:00. Very thankful ours has always been in the morning. Also, 4H is the one (very good!) thing we have said “no” to. I KNOW it’s an awesome program. I loved it as a kid, but we had to stop somewhere. That was my breaking point for now. Our 4H fair is at the end of July, and I neeeeeeeed my July to recover from June. LOL Rock on, busy mom!

  5. Sheesh Amy…. that makes ME tired and I’m always go-go-go. I’m praying for you and hoping you have time to catch your breath before baby arrives! xx

    • Very thankful that for 90% of the practices, my responsibility is just to remind the kids to get out the door. They can go on their own. Yay!

  6. This is my first really week of the crazy. Because we get out so much later than you all, there’s no way June could have that many activities. You have more than earned yourself some serious rest, my friend!!

  7. I always think summer will be lazy but it seems that somehow we are always busier than ever. Do you mind me asking, since I know you are rather frugal, how do you afford all those sports for so many children? I only have two that are old enough to play right now but ugh, the cost to participate!! I’d love for them to be able to be involved in more than one sport at a time like yours are, but right now they have to choose one because I can’t be paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars each season.
    Your baby must be due very very soon. I have been stalking your blog ever since your June day in the life which said your July day in a life would be including a new baby, thinking the baby was coming any day. July day in the life is just a week away now!! I’m assuming baby is due this week? Due with #4 here in early August!!

    • I don’t mind at all! Swim team is $10 per child (X 3 kids), and a friend loaned us suits that her girls had outgrown. Our boy already had a suit that worked. Rec baseball/softball is, hmmmm, $15 or $20 per child (X 2 kids). I’m thinking $20 and that included the shirt. We’ve so far gotten by with thrift store cleats (Nike’s for $1.50??? Yes, please!!!) and hand-me-downs. So, yeah. You should move here! 😉

      Mr. 8’s travel baseball team is more for the uniforms and tournament fees, but it’s all offset by generous sponsors. I’m thinking we spent probably $150 there. Then Miss 11 was asked to be on a basketball team. We weren’t planning on that, but it’s $35 per tournament. Uniform provided.

      All in all, we’re under $500 for sure. The key for us is to PACK OUR OWN FOOD. That is so important. Also, our games are all fairly close and we’ve never had to spend the night anywhere. That would be a budget buster! I did hire a sitter for a few games/tournaments, with blog and essential oils money. Grateful that my part-time at home income can cover those conveniences!

      My due date is July 16 or July 22, so I still have some time, but #4 and #5 were both 20 days early, so we were kind of planning on early again. I’m perfectly content to wait, though! 🙂 You’ll be following shortly. Congrats to your family!

      • Wow, Tiny Town sure is the place to be when it comes to paying for sports for the kids!! Even for tee ball for a 5 year old, it was going to be over $200. Ridiculous. Just couldn’t do it, especially since he’s never played before and I didn’t know if he’d like it. I’ve talked them both in to soccer for their fall activity since it’s the cheapest at $95 each. Ugh!
        I guess it’s a trade off though. I have all the major drug stores and Aldi, Walmart, and several groceries stores just a couple miles from my house.

        • I keep coming back to your comment, and nearly “fall over” every time. $200 for t-ball. I can’t even fathom! (Sure do wish I had access to your stores, though… 😉 )

  8. Surprise, Surprise, “MOM” is an over achiever!!! (Rolling eye smiley)
    Just kidding, and I thought my June was CRAZY, I always thought Summer was time to S l o w things down…

  9. Michelle says:

    Wowzers, Mama! Insanity 🙂

    It was such a blessing in disguise being on maternity leave from mid-April until now – first full day back to work was yesterday. I look back at all we accomplished in those three months and don’t know how we would have done it otherwise 🙂 so I feel like your June was my May – specifically. First communion for oldest, daily swim lessons for 3 weeks for middle girl, softball double headers on Wednesday nights, dance, dance recital, birthday party for oldest, gymnastics for middle – plus throw in a couple of well checks for newborn and 8 year old. FUN times 😉

    • Michelle says:

      P.S. i made a road trip down to my hometown a few weeks ago – the park picture with your two littles looks like the same park we visited while there 🙂 the brand new one off the highway? if so, we loved it!

    • And you did all that WITH a newborn! I’m planning on hiding in my house until school starts…

      • Michelle says:

        forgot about VBS for two older girls & rock climbing camp too – oiy 😛 I had a hard time not comparing this maternity leave with my previous maternity leaves. With my first I could sit at home and relax all day and with my second it was in January – so there was no going anywhere. Goodness, it was so different this time 🙂

  10. The only baby I’m waiting on is YOURS.

  11. Jennie C. says:

    We moved from our year long stay in VA (husband’s sabbatical from work) back to IN, with a week in CO with my husband’s family in between. Now, is the fun of unpacking what we left at our home while someone lived her, what my husband brought back in early June when he came, the leftover things we brought with us in late June, what I took on the plane with the littles to CO, and what my husband took to CO with our van. Plus wrangling 4 little people who are itchy for a schedule, their stuff, and ‘helping’ me unpack boxes into a jumbled mess. Teething/sick toddler and a stomach bug thrown in there too. Painful peri formis (pelvic floor) muscles waiting for an early Sept. baby. All I want to do is CRAWL INTO BED! I’ve been so thankful for friends helping out off and on with the children as I unpack and for Netflix! : ) I’m wondering if this babe of yours decides to go late, just to keep you guessing. : )

    • My busy is a lot more fun than your busy, I think! (Also, I *feel ya* on the pelvic floor muscles. That and my loose hips. Ouchie!) I will laugh so hard if this baby is “late.” That’s one I’ve not experienced!

  12. Whew! I remember those kinds of summers. Now my kids are older and summer means leadership conferences, volunteer work & mission trips. So less “every day” type activities and more, “see you in a week” kind of things. But it is all good.

    Praying for the arrival of your newest little joy!

  13. Busy family! Best of luck on labor and delivery, can’t wait to see what you have! Try the rainbow relaxation hypnobirthing cd. It helped me a ton with my last. It just helps you relax and get through labor better. God bless!

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