Deals and Meals, 2/6

This Week’s Deals

Why yes, that is 20 cans of Rotel.  More on how and why I purchased all of those for 19¢ each later this week.  In the meantime, here are the deals I snagged yesterday.

Manager’s Specials

  • veggie/cheese/turkey sausage tray, reduced to $6.99 – perfect for easy Super Bowl snackin’, and I know I’d spend more than that if I purchased those items individually
  • mushrooms, $1.69
  • organic broccoli, $1.49
  • half & half, $1.99 – thrilled to stick this in the freezer for a future batch of homemade ice cream
  • 2 bags organic corn tortilla chips, $.99 each – the “organic” chips totally make up for the dip we’re having them with, right?  😉
  • Clean & Clear, reduced to 99¢ + $1.00 coupon = FREE
  • pizza from the deli, $3.99 – made for a great lunch when we got home from shopping!
  • (not pictured) organic snow peas, $1.49

Other Deals – I told myself I was going to get my act together and be prepared to snag some of the Mega Event deals this week.  Didn’t happen.  But… I did get my 20 cans of Rotel!  They were 49¢ each in groups of 10, and I purchased coupons to go with them.  Again, more later, but my net price was 19¢ per can.

This Week’s Meals

We’re headed to my aunt and uncle’s for the Super Bowl.  I’m taking Souped Up Rotel Dip (you don’t even want to know… well, yes, you probably do) Stuffed Jalapeno Pepper Appetizers, my discounted veggie tray, and some chocolate chunk cookies.  As for the rest of the week:


Lunch – leftovers, quesadillas, snack lunch tray, sandwiches


Linked to Menu Plan Monday.

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  1. Does the 1/2 & 1/2 do okay in the freezer? I just read the back of my container today and it said Do Not Freeze.

    • I’d say it depends on what you’re using it for. It separates a bit, but when I thaw it I just shake it up. Works fine for my ice cream, but I don’t think I’d pour it in coffee. 😉

  2. Your menu sounds terrific, and thanks for the deal suggestions. I would love for you to join me for Crock Pot Wednesdays whenever you can.

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