Day in the Life ~ September 2013

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Ok, fine.  I’ll admit it. No, I did not forget about this month’s Day in the Life post. Actually, I did, but then I remembered at 12:15 on Sunday, September 15, when we were headed out the door to the farm, and I didn’t take my camera, and really… a Day in the Life post isn’t very interesting without a few photos.  So I figured you’d all forgive me if we went with the 16th instead of the 15th.

Here’s the thing. While the day started like a typical Reset Monday, it quickly spiraled in an ugly, downhill way, and I nearly talked myself out of blogging it. I am not proud. There was much crankiness and some tears that day, and that was just me! The more I think about it, though, you’re here because this is a real blog with a real mama facing real every day stuff.

So here you go, friends. Take it easy on me and my stuff!

5:35 ~ I woke up without an alarm.  Yay! (Seriously. I’d love for this to happen every day so I can get some work done and my eyes open before the rest of the crew is up. But I don’t know if I’d love it enough to actually set the alarm.) I sat and started in on some of my VA (virtual assistant) work.

6:09 ~ Baby Girl started fussin’, but it was much too early for her to be awake, so I went in to nurse her back down.  Success!

6:17 ~ While nursing, I lost my computer to a Fantasy Football check, so I bagged peppers from the freezer.  Nine quart bags stuffed full of peppers later, we should be set for fajitas, breakfast burritos, chicken fajita soup, and omelets for a while!

6:30 ~ I sat down got back to work for a few minutes, and then realized if I didn’t eat breakfast now, it could be a while!

6:40 ~ Grabbed a bowl of granola topped with yogurt and frozen blueberries. (I could eat that every.single.morning.)  Miss 10 and Mr. 3 wandered in.  Mr. 3 got some tv.  Three kids up before 7:00.  Happy Monday!

7:15 ~ I finished eating and donned the Mom Hat to get the three big kids off to school, just in time for this chickie to wake up again. Yes, those are her brother’s jammies. Yes, he still wears them sometimes, too. By the fifth baby we’re all whatever about the jammies, as long as they’re (mostly) clean.

day in the life 1

8:15 ~ I sat her down with big brother and made a hopeful attempt at some VA work.

day in the life 2

8:20 ~ The cuteness lasted all of 5 minutes.  Abandon VA work. Breakfast for baby. Clean kitchen.  Get Mr. 3 started with his paints. The boy is alllll about his new watercolor paints, and baby girl is alllll about dumping and/or drinking the paint water.

day in the life 3

Take note of the happy face. It.Did.Not.Last.

8:43 ~ It got quiet and I was alone for 8.3 seconds, so I went to investigate.  Mr. 3 was effectively clogging the bathroom sink drain with soaked paper, while Miss 1 was playing with all of the toothbrushes left out on the sink.  “But Mom!  I was just trying to wash my paper!” Disaster averted.

9:00 ~ I called my cousin to see if she could take my broken glasses to the eye doctor for me when she goes to town, and she came to pick them up.

day in the life 4

9:10 ~ I gathered the troops and tried to clean up the toy mess so we could exercise.  The kids generally love my exercise video, and I thought it would do us all some good to jump around a bit.  But alas, I had a fussy, clingy baby on my hands who hadn’t slept enough the night before. Exercise aborted for much carrying and rocking and teething tablets and more rocking.

10:05 ~ Coaxed baby down for a nap.  Now, which project should I tackle? Yes, I’m still in my night clothes, hair not brushed, face not washed. Perhaps I should have worked on Project Me first?!

day in the life 5

10:30 ~ Um, yeah. That nap didn’t last long. This is when the spiraling starts. I didn’t accomplish the work I needed to do, I still wasn’t dressed for the day, the baby is cranky, the kitchen’s a mess, and I don’t have much time because Lance comes home for lunch at about 10:50 and I hadn’t fixed anything yet. I was starting to feel the Ahhhhhhhhhhh! coming on!

day in the life6

10:40 ~ He had granola for breakfast, so I whipped up a scrambled egg skillet with mushrooms, onions, and cheese, and served it with sliced tomatoes and toast at 11:00. Good enough!

day in the life 9

Sometime in the hours between 11:30 and 3:25…

  • baby girl got crankier (poor thing is getting her molars) and wouldn’t nap (I did teething tablets, cold washcloths to chew on, and a cold teether that she was less than interested in, and I need to find my amber teething necklace.)
  • UPS delivered this fun surprise from Mom It Forward.
  • Mr. 3 took a good nap.
  • baby was coaxed down for another 20 minute nap
  • I skyped chatted with a friend, admitting I was in a funk.
  • I strapped on my shoes and stuck the dvd in, just in time for Miss 1 to wake up. Again.
  • I was feeling the exhaustion of a late night and early morning.
  • I ate my lunch at the desk. Baby joined me (because mom is never ever allowed to eat alone. it’s a rule.), started thrashing around when I wouldn’t let her hold my fork, and hit her chin on the desk.
  • I accomplished very little worth noting.
  • I spiraled into crankiness.

I don’t even know, it was all such a blur.

3:25 ~ Big kids are home, glory hallelujah! I decided that if I accomplished nothing else that day (which seemed entirely probable) I would exercise! I knew I needed it physically and mentally, and since the kids were home, I figured they could play with the littles for 20 minutes.

day in the life 8


4:00 ~ The kids did their homework and we sorted through and signed Monday folders, except apparently we didn’t sign them all because one was sent back on Tuesday. Oops!

4:15 ~ All my helpers scattered outside with friends. Bike rides, backyard football games, Miss 6 went to football practice (where dad was), and I decided to tackle an organization project that had been staring me in the face for a few weeks. Remember the exposed bookshelf here? The one where my kids ripped the drop door (that was hiding my junk!) off? Yeah. Miss 1 found the goods and pulled All of the Things out. I was left with no choice but to purge, sort, and store. Miss 10 was put in charge of the littles outside so I could work quickly, without interruption. Except, of course, for the interruption of her yelling “Are you done yet?” 53 times in 30 minutes.

5:00 ~ Well past time to be fixing supper, I just got started. Parmesan pork chops, garden potatoes, sliced tomatoes. Easy enough (and so yummy!) except for 3 things.

day in the life 10

  1. I set out double the pork chops so I could make extra for pork fried rice the next day. Making extra takes longer.
  2. This is an easy skillet meal that we all love, but I forget every time how long it actually takes. Pork has to be cooked low so it cooks evenly.  I may need to try an oven method next time.
  3. My helpers are gone. One with dad, one at flag football practice, and one at volleyball practice. (Ok, little moment of retrospective gratitude. I did not have to leave my house for any of this! Yay, Tiny Town!) My little people are not. They are tired and hungry and ohmygoodness very much with me. Climbing on me.

day in the life 11

When I reached in the freezer for bread crumbs, a pan of peppers fell to the floor. Nice.

After his own football practice, Lance stopped by the gym to help with Miss 10’s volleyball. Then he had some yard things to do, and holy moly he didn’t walk in until about 6:45. By 6:00 mama is ready for reinforcements around here!

6:45 ~ I was cleaning the kitchen, and supper was ready. He walked in and asked (to the back of my head) “How was your day?” And I lost it. Pretty sure I busted out some tears and told him I was putting the kids in daycare, or hiring help, or… or… or… something because I can’t do this anymore!

So there. (Why no, I don’t seem to have a photo around to document the moment.)

That’s what every husband wants to come home to, right?  (Poor guy!)

7:15 ~ He totally took over the kids while I grabbed a very much DONE Miss 1 and took her back to our dark, quiet bedroom to nurse. She fell asleep to the tune of marching orders. Eating. Showers. Living room and dining room cleanup. Teeth. Jammies.

7:30 ~ I ate supper and Lance and I had a chance to chat (without many tears) about the stresses of the day. Sometimes I just need to run my mouth and then everything’s better. 😉 Good thing, because by 8:00 Miss 1 was done with her nap. Ha!

The rest of the evening is a blur. We talked, we laughed (true story!). I took a bath, and then caught up on some computer stuff that didn’t happen during the day. I think I may have gone to bed at a decent time, even.

And that was that.

Never fear, friends. A bad day can be just that. A bad day. (And really, as I type this, I totally get that it wasn’t even the whole day that was icky!) I’m allowed to have them. You’re allowed to have them. The next day was better. Promise! I still love being at home. I’m still crazykins about my little people, and as always, my husband is still my rock. It’s all good!


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  1. Hi there, long time lurker here to give you hugs ( encouraging smiles, hugs from strangers are a little creepy!). I’m home all day with my three kids and several full time daycare children. We homeschool so I feel like someone is always there! You are doing a great job. One thing that has been surprisingly helpful has been a more formal mealtime. One where we clink glasses and I join in. I always thought that the me time of eating alone was a treat, but really feeding little kids, big kids, hubs coming home for lunch meant someone was always needing food and I often got skipped. I include a plate for my husband that he can heat up. Thanks for posting your real life, it’s nice to know we’re not the only ones!

    • Love it when one of my lurkers says hi! I can’t WAIT to get back to family suppers, and your formal idea sounds fun! (The eating alone? If I wanted to eat AT ALL that day, that was my only choice, just with the way things played out…)

  2. Oh honesty! 🙂 This is how some of my days have been lately! Thanks for sharing what I feel at times. And here also, I too love being at home and I still love my “little people”. We all have hard days, but we also have great days. Hopefully there is enough of a balance to make this profession of motherhood feel like it’s worth it! :~) Blessings to you on this day! May it be well!

    • As my father-in-law always says about a bad day – “you have to have one every once in a while to remind us how sweet the good days are”. Thanks for sharing and being so real – your honesty is appreciated! I’m glad the next day was better and hopefully the rest of the week followed suit of Tuesday. 🙂

    • Oh, absolutely! The good outweighs the bad SO very much. But yes. There is some yuck in there.

  3. I know exactly that 6:00 feeling and the husband being busy until 6:30 or 6:45 (or later!). Hope the rest of your week has been better!

    • I told him I totally “step up” when I know he’s gonna be gone, but when I think he’ll be here after a long day and he’s not? I may melt down… (just temporarily, LOL)

  4. I completely get it. I hate to admit that I’ve had more than one of those I-need-to-send-the-kids-to-daycare days. I so look forward to these posts each month. I read too much of how fortunate I am to be able to stay home, and how they’re only little for such a short time and all that stuff. Which is all true of course, but it’s nice to see that someone else goes through these same things (and keeps things real and admits it). Hang in there!!

    • “how fortunate I am to be able to stay home, and how they’re only little for such a short time” Yes. I’ve heard it many times, and it’s all truth. BUT 1) We work HARD so I can be home, and 2) I think moms of older kids remember the rosy days/stuff and forget the diaper explosions/whiny kids/endless messes/no sleep, etc. And it’s GOOD that we forget the crud and focus on the positive. It really is. But we need to be REAL with each other. Some days are hard, and that’s okay! 🙂

  5. I am truly sorry you had a bad day…and yet, still jealous you are able to stay home with all your kids…..working mom guilt thing..sorry…I like that you are able to pick yourself up and think tomorrow will be a better day! I enjoy your posts and that you keep it real…that also takes guts and honesty EVEN ON A KUDOS!!!
    SUPER-HERO mom!!!!

    • Yes! It was one of those days that I was just laughing at myself, reminding myself that “somebody wants what you have.” This truly is what we want. But yeah. Bad day. 😉

  6. Thanks for sharing. Reading this post I saw myself and my kids/house so many times. I have had several days when the first thing I say to my husband is, “Don’t even ask how my day was because I don’t have anything nice to say about it.” 🙂

  7. Oh Amy! I love your blog and you! I say this every time I comment on your blog, but thank you for being real. We all have crap, bad, horrible days in the mommy trenches. I’m grateful you are brave enough to put it out there. Hang in there! Maybe an evening cocktail (a light one) since you’re nursing, is in order. 🙂

  8. Just the dose of encouragement I needed. It’s been a rough week. Thanks.

  9. Thank you for keeping it real. It’s always nice to have that reminder that we are not alone! My husband laughed when I returned home from a blog event yesterday and told him my favorite part of the day was simply having someone bring me my lunch and a gigantic chocolate chip cookie and knowing that #1) I didn’t have to share it with anyone. #2) I didn’t have to go hide to keep from sharing. AND #3) I didn’t have to rush either! It’s the small things.

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