Day in the Life {October 15}

I think it was about September 21 or so when I had an “Oh, no!” moment last month, realizing I had totally whiffed last month on the 15th. Oops! You can catch up on this year’s Day in the Life posts here. (The ones that are done, anyway. 😉  )

4:54 ~ I woke to a click and a super bright hallway light. What in the world?! Reluctantly crawling out of bed to assess the damage or tend to the crisis, I took note of the clock, knowing I was likely done sleeping for the night. Bummer.

My 3yo was standing in the hallway, whimpering because her Pull-up was wet. She does great during the day and most nights, too, but last night was a Pull-Up overflow. I cleaned her up and put her in bed with her 8yo sister, then got a glass of water and hit the computer. Seize the morning! I was up anyway, right?

I’ve been feeling behind all week, so as long as I didn’t fall asleep in the middle of the day I knew this extra early morning hour would be worth it. I hit my VA inbox first, then did a few quick Young Living tasks and dealt with important Facebook notifications. An hour and a half flies by when I’m busy and focused!

I fixed cornbread pancakes for my school crew, and may have rolled my eyes and sighed when Baby J woke up at 7:30. She got to bed late the night before and her nap schedule has been off, so I was really hoping she’d “catch up” this morning. Not so.

ditl2I headed downstairs to toss Miss 3’s bedding in the washer. It needed to be done before she got back from preschool. Wouldn’t want to wreck nap time!

After I ate and made sure everyone else was fed (I have two home in the mornings with me and two in the afternoons), Baby J and I got our workout on. Seems after I finished nursing J over the summer, my body said, “Look, sister. You’re 40 years old, have birthed 6 babies, and you’re finally finished nursing. Time to get fat!” And I’m in protest mode.


This is me, on the floor, taking a photo instead of doing my crunches. And this is J with a book, on my belly. Her favorite spot when I’m supposed to be doing crunches.

She was fussy after that (and before that, and all the time in between sitting on me and being fed) I gave up at 10. 10:00 is EARLY for a one-nap-a-day girl, and it really messes me up because I knew she’d be awake before I put the 3yo down in the afternoon. I want them to sleep at the same time! Is that too much to ask?! We’ll try again tomorrow.


I quick got my face ready for the day, got dressed, and worked on the kitchen a bit. Then I ran out the door to grab Miss 3 from preschool. The 10:45 – 11:45 hour in our home is craziness. (As if all the other hours are not?!) Anyway. 10:45 I go get Miss 3 from preschool, baby sister sleeping and Mr. 5 electing to stay home for 4 minutes “by himself.” I can do that here, because I can see my house from the preschool. Love it!

ditl5“I had a fun day, mom!” giggle giggle.

Every. Single Day.

We scooted home and I made some lunch for Lance. Fried potatoes (last night I roasted a 5 pound bag of red potatoes with our fish dinner) with cajun sausage and onions. Mr. 5 wanted some oatmeal (whatever, man) for lunch, Baby J woke up at 11:30 (worst ever!), and I headed out the door with the girls in the stroller and the boy at my side (He was mad that I wouldn’t let him ride his bike, but Monday’s “buckle fracture of the clavicle” diagnosis at urgent care has me putting my foot down on that one for at least a week.) to take him to preschool. Lance got home while we were zipping down the driveway, so Miss 3 elected to stay home with him. She enjoys her 4 minutes of Daddy lunch time.

I don’t remember much from the time Lance went back to school (12:10) until the bank opened. I suppose I probably ate something and maybe even fed the girls.

1:00 ~ We loaded up to go to the post office and the bank. Yes, they are still wearing shorts. String of 80+ here this week!

ditl8J wants my phone. Badly.

ditl7That would be a flower hole punch right through the middle of a check I needed to cash. Courtesy of a punch-happy child. Welcome to my life.

I totally and completely had been planning on jumping onto the Periscope bandwagon this week and really wanted to do it this afternoon, but… no naps. No silence. Didn’t happen. But we did get suckers from the bank, so all is well. That’s why we go, of course.

And, today was a great mail day!

ditl9This is my Ipsy bag. It comes once a month in that fun bright pink mailer (that I totally reuse to mail Young Living goodies to my members). It’s $10/month, but I paid for the whole year at once to get a discount. Each month they send facial care and/or make up products. Some are samples, some are full size. Some I use, some are totally wrong for my color. And some are surprises. I have NO idea what I ever did without foundation primer. I’d never used it before Ipsy introduced me! Same with HD powder. No idea. Anyway, this month’s bag has a $25 pair of tweezers in it and an $8-12 bottle of dark purple nail polish, among other things. WAY more than the less than $10 that I paid for it.

What do I do with the things I don’t use? Well, I do have four girls. 😉 The make up bags are super handy for the gift box for their friends. Add a nail polish and lip gloss and we’re good to go. I’m also stashing things for stockings and Easter baskets. Here’s my referral link if you want to give it a try.

2:30 ~ I made no bake cookies for the anticipated cheerleader invasion of my home. I had asked my 12yo what the plan was for her cheerleader friends after school. We had a home football game at 6, but no volleyball at 4 like usual. That’s about 2 hours of “free time” between school and game. We live less than a block from school in a town with no convenience store.

She had no idea.

I knew better.

PS ~ I’m no food photographer, but even I have to laugh. Today’s photo:


My No-Bake Cookie recipe photo:

No Bake Cookies from


3:30 ~ 3rd grader and preschooler arrive home, but no 4th grader.

3:45 ~ Four cheerleaders arrive home (Told ya!), but still no 4th grader. They settled themselves in the kitchen with cookies, cheese sticks, and apples with cream cheese apple dip.

4:05 ~ I put the cheerleaders in charge, and walk over to the school, hoping to find my 4th grader. He was in his classroom with his teacher and 4 other classmates doing algebra projects on ipads, proud as punch. I would have been happier about the situation had he bothered to tell me he’d be staying. (That kid. Not a care in the world.) And bless his teacher’s heart, it was her birthday!

We needed to be ready for the game by 5:30, so I did a quick supper scramble, unloading the fridge, turning Tuesday’s taco meat into burritos and uncovering some fruit and veggies along the way. Good enough!

ditl11She “helped” by finding her own shoes. Only, um, no. I have my “creative dressing” limits.

4th grader elected to stay home cleaning his room (because he hadn’t done it the rest of the week) and I strolled the others to the game. We returned at half time for baths and bed, because mama was dragging!

Other than cleaning poop out of the tub and making a fried egg at 8:00 because my 3yo was Vewy Hungwy at 8pm, the rest of the evening was the     normal chaos. I was feeling DONE by 8:45. We got the kids to bed, I answered some Young Living questions and got sidetracked with all manner of social media, then I hopped into the cleaned bath at 9:45.

In bed before 11! That’s pretty good for me, but I’m hoping that with the time change coming up I can somehow roll that to 10.


  1. Yay! Join Periscope soon! Also, reading this made me need a nap.

  2. Love the creative dressing–looks like something my daughter would have done (and I had my limits on too!) Thank you for including us in your day and life. Always enjoy hearing from you. I know this season is pretty full so we’ll take you when we can get you.

  3. I always enjoy reading your posts–your littles are so cute! How do you like the Phil & Ted stroller? We’ve looked at them online.

    • We like it! Our two old strollers (a single and a double) both had to be tossed after lots and LOTS of great use. I like the P&T because it is a double that can easily change into a single, and it folds nicely. It’s compact and easy to maneuver. I will say, though, that it’s NOT a jogging stroller. I don’t use it for that, anyway, but a couple different times I have been jogging with it, and turning corners quickly set us off balance a bit.

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