Day in the Life {November 15}

When I set the 15th to be my monthly Day in the Life, my own birthday was the farthest thing from my mind, so I didn’t think about blogging my birthday every year!

Before I start with Sunday, the 15th, I must tell you that I am brilliant and didn’t know it. I scheduled Bunco at my house with some friends for Saturday, November 14. Friday and Saturday we spent quite a lot of time cleaning things that haven’t been cleaned for a while. So, 1) I had a clean house for my birthday!, and 2) I shipped my people off during Bunco. They went grocery shopping and purchased all the food and everything they needed to make sure mama didn’t have to cook on Sunday.

Brilliant! (Note to self: always schedule an event in your home the day before your birthday. 😉 )

My day on Sunday started shortly after midnight when Baby J lost her pacifier. It was a quick up and down for me, and back to sleep I went, waking up to the sounds of my busy family the next morning. I didn’t get up or out of bed, though, until Miss 12 knocked on the door and brought this in at 9AM!!!


I ate my breakfast burritos and fruit, then got up to play with Baby J while the others went to Sunday School and church. I went the afternoon before.


She’s a ham. Wouldn’t stop dancing long enough to get a decent photo.

J and I read book after book, stacked blocks, and watched HGTV  all morning. When you’re a mom of six and usually busy going somewhere or doing something, it is bliss to sit with one child and just BE.

Everyone else infiltrated our cozy space at 12:30. One sat down to rub my feet, another my shoulders. They were all a little concerned that I didn’t have a gift to open, but I reminded them that our new wall collage was my birthday gift. I love it!!!


That’s what I was doing at midnight Friday night, the evening before Bunco. I wanted those faces on my wall! And let’s all give a little happy clap that I didn’t order all the canvases and “store” them on my dresser for 3 years, because completing projects in a timely manner is not my gift. I still have 2 collage frames in the hallway that I bought for Christmas 8 or so years ago with MANY empty photo spots in them. Oy!

It was time for the little girls to lay down, so I asked Miss 3 if she wanted to lie down with me in my bed. Talk about lighting up a girl’s face! So I rubbed her back, we giggled, and we both fell asleep. Yes, I fell asleep just 4 hours after waking up at 9am. How ridiculous is that?! In the meantime my rock star 12yo made a birthday cake.

I didn’t sleep long, though, and went out to find someone to play cards with me. Mr. 5 is our resident card shark, but the big girls joined us, too, for a round of SkipBo while Mr. 10 set to making lunch.

I got second place, and while the others finished off the game I sat down at the desk to… pay bills. I know! Notsomuch birthday fun, but I had the time, the kids were all busy, and I knew that would be one thing I could check off my looming large list for Monday. So I paid bills.

Mr. 10 had basketball practice at 4 and Lance had choir practice at 5. I quick ran to the post office and came back with an armload. Our family photo prints, my newest Ipsy bag, and my Young Living order were all waiting for me. It’s like it was my birthday or something!

We stuck some “take & bake” pizzas in, Miss 8 prepared some veggies, I sliced apples, and supper was ready at 6. Mr. 5 was sad that no one was coming for “my party” so he called grandpa and invited him to join us. Kiddo was pretty happy when grandpa walked through the door!


“But mom. We don’t have 41 candles!”

Whatever, man. Deal.

After supper, cake and ice cream, we ended up with company for a bit with one of Lance’s football grads. Always fun to have the college kids stop by!

We got the kids in bed, I tied up a few loose ends on the computer, then I took my bubble bath and had a nice long massage while Lance watched a movie.

Birthday bliss!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Glad it was great!

  2. Cheryl Armstrong says:

    Happy Birthday Amy!

  3. Happy Birthday, Amy! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for years. Thanks for being real, positive, and encouraging.

  4. Happy happy birthday! Looks like it was a great day

  5. I love your collage wall!

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