Day in the Life {May 2014}

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It wasn’t until I was folding Mt. Laundry at 10:30 yesterday morning to the tune of the usual background chaos that only sometimes drowns out the loud thoughts of all.the.things. in my head that it dawned on me: today is the 15th! My second thought: Whew! Glad I’ve accomplished something this morning so I’m not too embarrassed to post my Day in the Life!


I asked Mr. 3 to run and grab my phone to take some pictures. He happily obliged.

Previous to this mess, I had

6:44 ~ Up and at ’em, hearing Miss 10 already up talking to her dad. Grabbed Miss 1 out of her crib. “Hi! Thanks, mom.” Such the conversationalist.

7:15 ~ Got breakfast ready for the troops. Oatmeal for some, fried eggs and toast for others. Unloaded the dishwasher.

7:45 ~ Snuggled my littles in the recliner while saying goodbye to the bigs. Miss 6 tried to get past me in an unapproved outfit, wrapped up in a sweater. Not the outfit she had picked out earlier that morning. Sneaky little thing, she is, but I’m on to her! Bummed that she’s leaving for school 1) late, again and 2) upset, again. Trying to trick mom while walking out the door: not a good choice.

8:15 ~ Made and ate my own breakfast: egg and cheese omelet, toast, grapefruit. Browsed through Facebook while eating.

8:30 ~ Quick typed and posted a giveaway. (Many more of those to come!)

9:00 ~ Started in on cleaning the upstairs bathroom. Gross. It’s been too long. Got sidetracked by various messes in other rooms along the way. Started some laundry.

10:30 ~ Remembered to start taking photos for Day in the Life while I was folding laundry.


11:30 ~ Home for lunch and a mid-day wrestling match. My entertainment while (still) folding laundry.


I spy a fit-throwing toddler, who will likely need a nap soon. PS ~ For those of you waiting on a basement tour, consider this your sneak peek! This is the family room. Our children are NOT interested in having furniture down here. They’re too busy using it as hide and seek “base,” an indoor kickball and baseball field, and dodgeball court. So, no furniture. Just lots and lots of open space.


“Here go. Sit. Sit wight dare.” She cracks me up.


12:00 ~ Fixed my hubby some lunch (he got breakfast for lunch ~ omelet, toast, grapefruit since he had granola for breakfast) and grabbed the kids some turkey and cheese. I ate this amazing (review product) granola from Gathering Grains. Best.Granola.Ever.

12:30 ~ Lance went back to school, I cleaned up and wrapped up a few loose ends, and got the kids ready for their naps.


12:45 ~ Miss 1 and I headed to my bed, while Mr. 3 set up camp on the couch. He does a fantastic job out there and knows to turn off the tv after his show is over at 12:55. Then he sleeps. I lay down with the wild girl until she falls asleep. Sometimes it’s all of 5 minutes and I get up to get some computer work done. Other times I totally pass out before she does and accidentally wake up 2 hours later. Oops!


Yep. She makes SURE I’m not going anywhere. Ha! Stranglehold nap. PS ~ Today was a wake up 2 hours later day. Can I blame being 30 weeks pregnant?


3:20 ~ School kids come home. Littles head outside with big brother to get some sunshine and play time. Isn’t our yard lovely? After the basement guys tore it to shreds and left foot-deep ruts, we knew we’d have to start from scratch this spring. Last week Lance tilled it up. We need to level it and pray for grass to grow!


4:00 ~ Miss 11 decided to earn some cash for earbuds today, so she got busy on the floors. She swept the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. Then she scrubbed the bathroom floor. This mom is happy to hand over the cash!


5:00-7:00 ~ This is a track meet day for daddy, so we’re pretty fancy for supper. 😉 PB&J on the porch, anyone? The kids pick up rocks scattered all over the yard (they were instructed to each fill their own 5 gallon bucket), Miss 1 and I swing a bit, and we all just live the general chaos.


6:00 ~ Miss 11 headed out for a babysitting gig. I gathered the troops, got everyone cleaned up, and made some popcorn and smoothies.


8:30 ~ Teeth, book, song, and bed for Miss 1, with the rest of them to follow. Mr. 3 was NOT happy about having to stop the kickball game in the basement. I brushed his teeth and oiled him up. We went with Purification in the diffuser (He counts out 3 drops and apologizes if 4 accidentally slip in. “Woops! Sorry ’bout that, mom!” Kid cracks me up.) and Peace & Calming on his feet. Miss 11 puts Frankincense on the spot where she stepped on an earring this morning. Ouch!

8:45 ~ Everyone’s in bed at long last. Big brother reading to little brother. I sat at the computer, ignoring the kitchen and anything else that needed my attention. Miss 11 came up to chat about friendship stress. Oy. Cleaning up puke and blown out diapers is no fun, but this stage of parenting? Hard. I want to fix it, but I can’t. In the end I told her I wish I had answers and that I am truly thankful I don’t have to live that part of my life over again! (She’ll be fine, by the way. Ah, girls. 😉 )

I spent some time communicating with new essential oil signups and prepared to send out reference books. Love the excitement of new wholesale members!

9:45 ~ Lance walked in from the trackmeet and we debriefed on the day. His girls won league. Woo-hoo! We went over some corrections on his football camp papers and he showered while I finished some computer stuff.

10:30 ~ An hour later than I’d like, but finally bath time for me! Tonight was epsom salts with lavender and lemon essential oils. My current read is Hope Runs. So good! Look for a giveaway soon.

11:30 ~ I crashed into bed, already looking forward to a nap the next day. 😉

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  1. Sheila Laurence says:

    I think no furniture for now is a great choice! As your kids get older, that room can morph into a lot of things. It will be great for a ping pong table, table/chair for games, etc, when they are older. My kids are 17 and 14 (in one week) and yes, it’s physically a lot easier but can be so stressful! Laying a good foundation now is really the key. Keep on those 6-year-old good choices! They count more than you realize.

  2. I remember when my parents added on a huge living room back in the 80s. We were all bummed when they finally put furniture in it. it was the best place to do all sorts of sporting activities!

    It brings me back to college days when you go to bed looking forward to the nap the next day…

  3. I did it Amy… I finally did it! A (not very typical) day in my life 🙂

  4. Nia Hanna says:

    Oh Amy, I know that feeling all too well of falling asleep before the little one! Hubby laughs and I do too. It’s funny that I’m supposed to be putting the baby to sleep and instead I put me to sleep. Good thing is most times we both end up sleeping, it’s just I get there first.


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