Day in the Life ~ March 2014

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When I first typed this title, I typed January. Apparently I’m a little slow. 😉 Here’s what happened on March 15, 2014.

Waking to the pitter patter of 3 hungry little boys racing up the stairs and into the kitchen, (Mr. 8 had a friend spend the night), I was pleasantly surprised that they lasted until 7:17. I started some Citrus Fresh in the diffuser, and took orders for breakfast. They wanted pancakes and bacon. So be it!


7:30 ~ Somebody (with fabulous bedhead) wasn’t feeling very patient. And yes, our windows were accidentally left open all night. No wonder we needed the sleeping bag on our bed! Sheesh.ditl14

8:00 ~ Thankful for the foresight to get a pot of cold brew going the day before, I drained it while preparing breakfast and getting myself ready for the day.


8:40 ~ I made my breakfast to go (bacon, egg, and cheese on toast, and two clementines), stuffed it in my coat pockets, grabbed my iced coffee, and headed out the door. Once a month I volunteer to “work” at the library, which more or less means I get to sit in a quiet spot for 2 1/2 hours and catch up on social media and email. Winning!


11:30 ~ Closed up the library and took the key back to the bank, then picked up the mail next door before walking home. It was a beautiful day!


Oooo, fun mail! Looking forward to an April Oily Blog hop where we’ll all ditch the chemicals in our homes. Stay tuned!


11:45 – 5:00  I’m not sure what happened to these hours, but it went something like this. Clean the kitchen,


(pretty sure I need new measuring spoons; they’ve been bit by the garbage disposal one too many times), supervise “you’re on your own” lunch, snuggle Miss 1 until she fell asleep for a nap, do a happy dance when someone posts on local buy/sell/trade that they’re looking for an extra fridge and we *just so happen* to have an extra in our garage that my husband *just so happened* to be cleaning out at that very moment,


take photos of said fridge, sell it (woo-hoo!), supervise the cleaning out (great job for the kids), decide to grill for supper, bathe a muddy little girl, attempt to pull splinter out of a child’s finger,


make buns for hamburgers and brats, thaw hamburger and brats,


discover rotting produce (hate it when that happens!),


laugh at them laughing with each other. Something like that.


5:00 ~ Then we busted out the grill and got some supper going. Ever ask a 10yo to take a simple photo? 25 photos and lots of giggles later… not so simple.

ditl15:45 ~ Fed the kids (outside), fed myself, tried to coax the determined hubby out of the garage for supper. The man had goals and he was not about to quit when the weather was nice.

6:30 ~ Started barking orders for showers and baths and getting ready for bed early, because everyone was exhausted after a long day of playing and working. Kids entertained themselves downstairs (how fun is it to type that sentence?!) until way past bedtime, and as long as they were entertained, I had plenty to do!

7:30 ~ Visited with the people who came to get the fridge. One less thing in the garage. Yes!

8:30 ~ Went to find the littles to brush teeth. Found them here


and here.

ditl8 I don’t even remember what I did after that, but I’m sure it involved some sort of vegging out.

10:00ish ~ I almost always end my day with an Epsom Salt bath laced with essential oils (lavender and lemon are a favorite combo) ever since I discovered that they completely eliminate my nightly, pregnancy-related, jump out of the bed in the middle of the night, Charlie Horse-type leg cramps. Glory hallelujah!

11:00ish ~ Off to bed!

Did you record your day on or around March 15? Feel free to link it up!

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  1. Charlene says:

    Just a couple of random comments… I am from Nebraska, (not too far from you), but now live in TN. We also have a local buy/sell/trade… except since people around here talk the way they do, they spell it buy/sale/trade. They have no idea…

    The other thing I noticed is you are left handed, aren’t you? I noticed it in a picture. 🙂 Just something fun!

    • Ha! Yes, a few people try to “sale” things on ours, too. Drives me batty.

      And yes, left-hander here! Giggling that you noticed!

  2. Being a “Southern Belle” myself (now a Midwestern transplant), I feel compelled to let it be known that Southerners are not the only people who misspell words as Amy mentioned that some people in her area do the same thing. Secondly, we “talk the way” we do because we are from the South…same reason people from Australia and England “talk the way” they do. We can’t help it any more than you can help the way you talk. Unfortunately, people think the way we speak is apparently improper yet the same people think someone with an Australian ( or insert your favorite accent here) accent is so cool. Southerners are not the only ones who “have no idea”.

    • “Southerners are not the only people who misspell words” Oh, gosh. Heavens no. Also, as wonderful as it can be, I think social media and texting have done everyone a disservice when it comes to proper grammar and spelling, regardless of location or background.

  3. Esther L. says:

    I cannot wait until the April Chemical Free blog hop! Now that we’re expecting #3, it’s so important to me that we reduce chemicals–especially when cleaning. The funny thing is, I was at Target this morning and looked at cleaning products. I was under the impression that products like Method and Mrs. Meyers were all natural and non-toxic, but when I read the ingredient lists, I couldn’t pronounce the majority of the items. Super scary! The April blog hop is going to be such an awesome resource!

  4. I absolutely love these posts! I’m jealous of your warm weather!!! Still in the 20s here though we are supposed to hit 50 by the end of the week!!

  5. You might lack a mineral in your body and that is why you get leg cramps. Google it and you will find out what remedies you need.

    • Yes! It’s the magnesium in the Epsom salts. I’m sure of it. The oils help me sleep better, but the salts are doing the trick. Yay!

  6. I guess I am nosey but the Day in the Life posts are so fun! You had a productive day!

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