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I remembered!  But not until 7:55, the school kids out the door, and me standing in the middle of this.


So, this should be fun!

I woke “in the middle of the night” to toddler feet pattering into my room and climbing into my bed.  “Hi, Mom!” he says cheerfully.  I hold him and hug him while sleep walking him back to his bed.  I tuck him in and check my clock.  5:51.  Rats.  Alarm in 9 minutes.  Guess I just gained 9 minutes in my day!

Heading to the living room, I read today’s verses and reflection, and then a chapter of EntreLeadership.  After reading, I headed to the kitchen to start breakfast for the fam: hashbrowns, fried eggs, and oranges.   While the hashbrowns were frying, I whipped up our favorite Poppy Seed Dessert Bread for our Tiny Town library fundraiser basket.

Got everyone fed and off to school.  Then Baby Girl woke up while the bread was baking.  She was none too happy to wait for the timer, poor hungry thing.  She’d had a rough night, so after I nursed her back to sleep and laid her back down (in between getting bread pans and muffins out of the oven) I was able to make icing for the bread and make my own breakfast at about 9:30.


I had lots of writing and other computer work to do today, so I got started on my virtual assistant job while eating.  The little guy?  He alternated between playing farm, watching tv (gasp!), drawing, and singing songs with me.  Oh.  And stealing poppy seed mini muffins.  😉  “Mom, this is good cake!”


It was a Friday morning miracle, but the baby slept over 2 hours, and I got lots of work done!  After the VA work, I quick wrote a couple posts here.


We didn’t have to go anywhere today.  Yay!  It was 1:00 before I even looked at the clock and thought I probably should at least wash my face and get dressed.  Yes.  That kind of day. 


We didn’t manage much housework, but did get the dishwasher loaded and running.  “I do it myself!”  Chores with the boy definitely take longer right now, but I let him help whenever I can, hoping he remembers those skills when he’s a teen.


This is about as exciting as our afternoon got.  Life with littles is so glamorous!  This happened right as the 2yo tyrant was fighting his nap, which we started late anyway, so I threw in the towel and let him up to help with her bath.  No nap today!


It was crazy warm this afternoon!  Record-breaking 80s around Kansas, so once the school kids got home everyone bailed outside.  Love living in a Tiny Town where my kids can take off to the park on their bikes with friends.  The littles and I waited on daddy, then headed to the park with the dog at 4:30.


When we got home we emptied the fridge for supper.  I don’t usually plan on it, but love having enough leftovers to have a buffet meal once or twice a week.  (My grape washer was a little grumpy.  His job was to put the grapes in the colander.  “I put them in my mouth, mom!”)


The spread tonight was leftover skillet enchiladas, fried rice, bean and cheese quesadillas, kale chips, baked potatoes, and grapes.  Kale chips have been a favorite of the kids’ since last summer when I had to figure out what to do with our CSA produce!  Because I’m meatless on Fridays during Lent, I had the quesadillas.  (Normally the family joins me with a meatless meal, but I really wanted to clean out the fridge.)

See the clock?  6:30 and I’m just now dishing out plates!  What in the world?!  This time change and spring temps combo has us all out of whack.  We usually eat around 5:30.


My supper.  This whole meatless thing?  So not the sacrifice that it’s intended to be.  I finally got to eat at 7:00, and fed the baby some avocado while eating my supper.  My lunch?  Well, at about 2:00 I realized I was hungry and that I’d completely forgotten about lunch.  Good grief!  (That’s what happens when mama snacks on poppy seed bread all morning, after a big breakfast.  Not my smartest move…)

Lance played a rough and tumble living room basketball game with the kids while I ate, then we got their teeth brushed and jammies on.  They were in bed by 8:00, lights on and reading.  Baby girl went down for what I knew was going to be a nap (uh-oh), so we cleaned up the Strawberry Pretzel Dessert left over from last night’s steak dinner (with his parents), and I did some more writing and browsed Facebook.

Before I knew it, it was 10:30 and the baby was finished “napping.”  Ugh.   How does that happen?  Lance played with her while I took a bath, then I nursed her to sleep again.  I crawled into bed as our living room clock chimed at midnight.



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  1. I remember those days well. I know there is a lot of joy mixed in with all that work from personal experience. You do a good job relating that you recognize the blessing in those joys as well. I never was able to function on 5-6 hours sleep like you. I always had and still have to be in bed by 10 or I have a horrible day the next day. I envy your never ending energy!!

    • My major dragging, tired slump comes in the middle of the afternoon. If I can get through that, I get a second wind. If not, I TRY to get a nap in! (I am a napping QUEEN when I get a chance.)

  2. Love these posts!

  3. Love it! But, how did the poop get that high on your shirt? Poop might just be magical….hehe!

    • Ha! Didn’t even think about that! I was holding her facing away from me playing in the mirror, and I smelled it before I saw it!

  4. We are all sorts of messed up from the time change too. I don’t remember it usually taking such a toll on us, like it is this year though. Everyone is having trouble waking in the morning, and then dinner is late and bedtime? Awful! I have to say, I am impressed with all you can accomplish, especially before school!

    • Oh, don’t be! I force myself out of bed at 6 so I can read, then I just make a breakfast mess. Truly? If I’m going to get anything accomplished, I must start early in the morning before I lose my mojo! 😉

  5. Do share your kale chip recipe! I’m growing it in the garden with high hopes that it will become a favorite in our home 🙂

  6. loved this. it is amazing to me just how much a mom does during a day, but it never really feels like it – until you write it all down 🙂 hope you had a great weekend! hope that warm weather comes back soon.

  7. The grapes bit cracked me up! 🙂

    Also, I appreciate the way you seem to just roll with it when your littlest is finished with her nap–at 10:30 pm. 😉 That’s the part that stressed me out the most about my little guy. That’s also the part I’m not looking forward to about his siblings whenever they arrive! Any tips for keeping a cheerful mindset when that happens? 🙂

    • I didn’t roll with it so well last night when she was squealing and tapping at my face… AT MIDNIGHT. lol

      Well, when I’m desperate for sleep during the day, I’m so very grateful for nursing. I can put the 2yo down for a nap and then lay down with the baby and nurse her. Sometimes she’ll fall asleep, but even if she doesn’t, I can lay there and rest with her. That helps. But don’t be thinking I’m cheerful all the time. Sometimes daddy walks in the door and I’m all “Here ya go!” handing him the kids. 😉

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