Day in the Life ~ June 15

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Where do the days (weeks?!) go??? I’m tellin’ ya, I took photos, documented the day, and then *poof.* A whole week. Here’s what went down on the 15th, which happened to be Father’s Day!


The oven clock says it all. Yes, I set my alarm for 3:30 AM to put a brisket in the oven. Ended up waking a bit earlier to go to the bathroom (crazy pregnancy bladder) so I saved myself an extra wake up call. Why didn’t I put it in the crockpot the night before? I have no idea! Sometimes I just don’t think. There was a storm blaring outside at the time and Lance was up watching/listening to it, so we may as well have had a party!

Went back to bed knowing full well my toddler alarm would wake us in plenty of time for the day. And she did. We were up and at ’em at 7:00, diffuser on with some citrus fresh and peppermint to clear the brain fog.


8:00 ~ “Look! Mom! I baby.” This girl has no idea what’s about to rock her world. 😉 We had the car seat out to clean it up and get it ready, and someone made herself at home while I was cooking breakfast and mixing french bread for dinner.


9:00 ~ Father’s Day breakfast was homemade waffles topped with chocolate chips and strawberry sauce. It was a rush job, with some of us headed to church and others headed to Sunday school.

wildAfter church I put the bread in the oven, whipped up some cottage cheese potatoes, shredded the brisket, cut up a big bowl of strawberries, and gathered some fresh veggies. We all loaded up at about 1:00 to head to the farm with Father’s Day dinner. One of the kids requested to play I Spy on the way down (Have I ever told you of my hatred of that game in the car? I like car games, but that one Anything spied tends to zoom on by before anyone guesses correctly. Drives me nuts!) but Dad had his own idea.

“For Father’s Day, we’re going to blast Acappella’s Sweet Fellowshipand I want everyone to sing at the top of their lungs.” And so we did!

singingControlled. Loud. Happy. Chaos.

1:30 ~ We got to the farm and I put dinner in the oven to warm up, finally eating at about 2:15.

3:30 ~ Miss 2 and I headed to my grandparents’ farm to visit and take some essential oil samples (Gentle Baby and DiGize) to my aunt who wanted to share them with her cousins. The rest of the crew stayed behind to sort calves and play at Papa’s farm.


Between the new litter of kitties, the playful pup, and the harmonica concert by my grandpa, we were quite entertained!

harmonica5:30 ~ We headed back to Papa’s and had some pie before gathering the troops to head home.

6:30 ~ Home from the farm, everyone needed showers (have I told you how nice it is to have TWO bathrooms now?!) and some were hungry. Again. Of course. We scrounged around for edible odds and ends, got everyone cleaned up, then brushed teeth and headed to bed.

8:30 ~ I should have gone straight to bed myself, but this is the time of night I get caught up in the wonderful quiet. I messed around on the computer, answered some emails, then headed to the shower and finally to bed around 11:00. It was a good, full day!

***It just dawned on me that my next Day in the Life post is July 15, and there will be a new little person in our home at that time! Hopefully the post will consist of diapers, nursing, and lots of sleep for baby and mom! Stay tuned…

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  1. Sheila Laurence says:

    I am looking forward to the next Day in the Life post! 🙂 Blessings to you and your family as you look forward to welcoming this new little one!

  2. Tiffany says:

    I hate the alphabet game in our car!

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