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***Nothing like a busy weekend followed by a knock-me-to-my-knees sinus infection to slow things down on the blog.  My apologies!***

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I just want you to know upfront that I am most certainly preaching to myself with this one.  We don’t get out much.  There is precious little time for just the two of us, especially with a nursing infant hanging around.

We did take a weekend to ourselves last summer before Miss 5 arrived on the scene, and there’s always this:


We do get to attend the high school prom every year.  That counts, right?!

I’m actually not an advocate for the weekly (or even monthly) date night “out on the town.”  If it’s worth it to you, by all means, go for it!  For us, though, between the expense and hassle of securing childcare and the scheduling of the night and the expense of eating out and whatever event or whatnot… well, that’s just not worth it for us right now, and we’re totally okay with that!

Here’s the thing, though:  Date night doesn’t have to be out on the town, and it most certainly doesn’t have to cost anything!

My husband too often gets the “leftovers” of the day, if there’s anything left at all.  That’s pitiful, on my part, because he’s the most important person in my life.  This ship would be sunk without him.

Lucky for me, my guy is easy to please.  Hand him a favorite dessert after the kids go to bed and watch a favorite show or game together?  He’s happy.  We also enjoy playing card games together, though that is certainly easier without a grabby baby around.  Truth?  It doesn’t matter what we do as long as he has my full attention for a spell.  That means the world to him, to know that he’s a priority, and I plan to make that happen more.

Dear Kansas Friends, listen up!

love letters

I was thrilled to recently learn of a new (to me) program called Love Letters from Kansas.   Love Letters From Kansas connects married, engaged, dating and single individuals to relationship education workshops and online resources.  Basically, their mission is to strengthen relationships.  I love that!

Right now they are hosting a date night giveaway on Facebook.

This date night giveaway contest invites dating, engaged and married couples to upload a photo of their relationship – a photo of themselves, a location that’s particularly meaningful to them as a couple, a love note (post it, text message or letter), etc. Contestants are then asked to explain in the photo caption why they deserve to win the date night giveaway. The submission period ends on Valentine’s Day 2013 and will be followed by a public vote to determine the winner. Catholic Charities of Kansas will distribute a $125 gift card to a Kansas-based restaurant of the winner’s choice.

The only requirement is that you be from Kansas.  So, Kansas friends, get those photos uploaded!  And non-Kansas friends… vote for me!  😉  (Really, though, what a fun surprise that would be for date night!)

Is date night in or out a priority in your home right now?  How do you make it so? 


  1. Awesome, thanks! I’m from Kansas and just recently found your blog. Whereabouts in KS are you located? We are close to Lawrence. RockChalk!!

  2. My husband I have been going out for weekly coffee dates on Sunday afternoons. it has done wonders for our relationship.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. We don’t have any room for babysitting in our budget. My husband brings home a movie from the library most Friday nights, and we relax together with some snacks after the kids are in bed. It doesn’t cost a thing, and we look forward to our alone time.

  4. Just for love, my husband gave me money to spend at a certain well-loved gift shop. To surprise him, I used half of it to buy a game we were interested in–Ticket to Ride. It can be played with 2-5 people, and we have played it by ourselves at least 25 times since my birthday all of one month ago . . . It’s addictive. We keep a running tally on the calendar of who wins each game. He’s ahead by just a smidge.

    To celebrate being totally debt-free (no debts AT ALL!! Not even a house payment!!) we bought Settlers of Catan and learned we can play that with just the two of us. It takes a lot longer than Ticket to Ride, so we don’t play it as often.

    These are our latest date craze. After six years of marriage, I’m so glad to finally find some things we both enjoy and are excited about doing for date nights, instead of always falling back on the old junk food and movie routine, though we still do that occasionally, too.

  5. Skip and I have date night every Saturday. We take turns planning and have agreed to accept each “date” without grumbling. Most of our dates consist of doing things close to home such as walking/hiking in nearby Parks, attending gospel singings (most are free or have a Love Donation) and short drives with stops for sweet treats. Since we are empty nesters our cell phones are turned off for at least 2 hours and this had really made a difference our relationship.

  6. Date? What’s a date? Does watching an episode of a TV show on Netflix after the baby goes to bed count? We both work full-time and have an 8-month-old. Right now, between work and a nursing baby, I too feel like my husband gets my leftovers. When we do have baby-free time, honestly, I just want to sleep! Hopefully it will get better as we adjust. Okay, as I adjust.

  7. Oh man! I don’t live in Kansas anymore, but am surely going to share this with my friends that still live there!

  8. I love this. With 4 little ones under the age of 5, we too have a difficult time getting out. We’ve started taking 24 hours each week of no “technology” which means no txting, emailing *unless at work, fb’ing, twitter, tv, movies, xbox etc. We can use the “phone” and make phone calls (who does that anymore). That means that our date night usually falls in that 24 hours. Our kids go to bed at 6:30 and after that we do a wide variety of things. We read a book together, conquer a small but tedious chore (yes, these things still can be dates), play a game, etc. Lately, we’ve been listening to an audio book together. LOVE it. It makes us focus on each other and being in the “present”.

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