Cream Cheese Apple Dip

This super easy Cream Cheese Apple Dip is one of my most requested recipes. “What IS that stuff?!” people always ask.  Which is funny, because it takes two minutes to make, and it’s dip, for heaven’s sake! But I must say, it is really good.

The sweet cream cheese mixture pairs beautifully with crisp, tart apples. Want an extra special treat? Add toffee bits to the mix. Yum!

cream cheese apple dip


This recipe was originally published on November 3, 2008.

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  1. This sounds yummy! I have a similar dip with toffee bits in it . The kids love it!!

  2. Wow, I’ve never heard of anything like this before. So unique. Thank you for sharing and Happy TMTT!!!!

  3. Oh, boy. I have cream cheese and apples I need to ‘use up.’ I’m going to make this…it sounds delicious! Thanks!

  4. I think I will make that tomorrow for me and Grace to have with our apples. Thanks for sharing. We like easy. So glad you continue to participate in TMTT.

  5. That must be yummy!

  6. I make this dip and then pour on carmael sauce and skorr bites. Deadly!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. brandon says:

    im using this for a school project lol

  8. Delish. Just used your recipe for Labor Day breakfast. As my husband said, “These apples probably won’t keep the doctor away”, but they sure are yummy!

  9. Thanks for the Apple Dip recipe! I will definitely have to try that the next time I’m in a bind for a fruit dip. For Father’s Day, my sister and I made lunch for our dad and our families. I had a fruit platter set up and I just mixed a small container of yogurt with some whip topping for a quick dip. My nephew kept telling my sister that she had to get my recipe…lol, I didn’t have the heart to tell him. It just reminded me of your football players. 🙂

  10. This was a hit in our house too! My husband ate it on the banana muffins instead of the apples though 🙂 Only, then it was practically a banana cupcake with icing! Thanks for the recipe.

  11. This looks great! Is there a “print friendly” version on your pages that I’m not seeing? Sure would make it easier to print; I don’t like printing all the color ads and pictures…..just wondering. Thanks.

  12. Looks delish! never tried the Cream Cheese Apple Dip or the Marshmallow Cream Cheese Fruit Dip, but will definitely try. it’s so easy to make. Thank you!!

  13. So delicious! I saw this a while back and just decided to make it the other AM when we needed to get our green apples eaten. Hubby doesn’t eat apples and peanut butter as the rest of us do. Suprisingly the kiddos didn’t care for this dip, but oh well, more for hubby and me. It reminded me of cheesecake family makes and come to think of it I didn’t like the taste of when I was growing up, so it makes sense the flavor wasn’t a favorite for the kids. Anyway thanks Amy for this recipe. I just picked up more cream cheese for the green apples in our produce box.

  14. I am diabetic so I don’t use as much sugar, probably way to much but I LOVE it. I just use brown sugar about 2 T for 8 oz of cream cheese. Putting yogurt would be helpful. I never thought of flavoring with lemon and vanilla. I will have to try with other flavorings also. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Omg~! So good and easy to make! Thanks for posting ^^

  16. Sound and looks delicious! I will have to make this for family and friends. My refrigerator is holding over 10 pounds of apples right now. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Rata Robinette says:

    My family makes a Fruit dip .. that is Cream Cheese and Marshmallow fluff mixed together with a splash of vanilla for taste.. its also delish and we use it on all fruit..

  18. jeannie says:

    oh my gosh i had never tried cream cheese with apples! i used this instead of the usual peanut butter and now i’m HOOKED! i hope you don’t mind me sharing this with my facebook friends! 🙂


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