Clean Up with White Cloud Green Earth Paper Towels

For the last few years I’ve been on a quest to “clean up” our eating.  Out with the boxes of MSG with hamburger, out with the cans of cream of chemicals soup.  Don’t even go near butter-flavored plastic.  Mostly it’s less expensive (except for the butter ~ hoo-wee!), and always it’s better for my family.  Yes, my fresh from the farm milk and eggs may cost a few cents more than they do from the store, but for my family and our healthy living goals, it’s worth it.

Eating “cleaner” is worth it, but I still find myself hesitant to jump into other green products.  Household cleaners?  Paper products?  What’s the quality like?  Is it worth the cost?  How much am I willing to spend?

Gosh ~ that’s a lot of questions for a roll of paper towels!  Ah, yes.  If I was truly green I wouldn’t even own paper towels now, would I?  😉  I’m a work in progress.  Give me time, and for now… I need to use the occasional paper towel, thankyouverymuch.

Enter White Cloud GreenEarth Paper Towels.  First of all, they had me at “choose-a-size-sheets.”  That is my favorite feature of any paper towel, and one I most certainly look for when I’m shopping!  With White Cloud GreenEarth, you can also count on a quality product with great absorption made from 100% post-consumer recycled fiber at a reasonable price.

Whether you’ve tried GreenEarth paper towels or haven’t yet taken the plunge, go to the GreenEarth™ microsite where you can unlock a $1 off coupon and enter to win the grand prize sweepstakes of free GreenEarth™ paper towels AND bath tissue for an entire year!  The sweepstakes ends November 22nd, and you can enter up to once per day.

Sweepstakes like this always make me remember my husband’s “Gram” with a grin.  She was forever entering any and every sweepstakes and winning!  I suppose you can’t win if you don’t enter…

Speaking of winning, I have 10 coupons for a FREE pack of White Cloud GreenEarth paper towels.  Who wants ’em?  I’ll take the first 10 commenters who tell me either 1) What you’ve done recently to “go green” or 2) What you’re hesitant to do.  What’s holding you back?  Remember, coupons are for the first 10 commenters.

Ready. Set. Go!

Disclosure:  As a White Cloud mom, I am compensated for my work on the GreenEarth campaign.  All opinions and my own “green-ness” or lack thereof, remain my own. 

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  1. Using reusable grocery bags and water bottles..

  2. We recently signed up for recycling! 🙂

  3. Sophia Lesher says:

    1) I am reusing a lot of containers, reusable bags, turning off lights, shorter showers, etc. to save on energy and materials. Also, planting gardens and using fresh veggies/herbs 🙂

  4. We just started recycling plastic, paper and anything trash service okays.

  5. Alison S. says:

    Resuing zip loc bags and tupperwear in place of baggies in lunches.

  6. Started to recycle what I would normally throw away (except tp…lol)

  7. Sounds great. Thanks for the giveaway Amy!

  8. I use the reusable grocery bags and we reuse the bottled water waterbottles.
    I have also started making my own cleaners as well.

  9. crap! it cut me off! i said memememe, i cloth diaper and use bobbles!

  10. I compost!

  11. I always use reuseable grocery sacks. I hate paper plates! I am hesitant about composing!

  12. Cloth napkins. 🙂

  13. Jennifer S says:

    We reuse shopping bags, ziploc bags, water bottles. Green is cool!

  14. i use reusable lunch bags and containers

  15. We use cloth diapers!


  16. Kinda stingy, but I pull out the blank envelopes in all that junk mail. I find lots of uses for the envelopes even though they have preprinted addresses on them. We also pass our piano instruction books around with other students. My son is the third person to use the books- they don’t cost a penny!

  17. We reuse grocery store bags and also have cut back on paper towels.

  18. I am still holding back on the paper napkins.

  19. We take all of our cardboard/paperboard, plastics (all kinds!), and magazines to a local recycling center. Our garbage pickup takes the cans, glass, and newspapers to their recycling center. I compost all my fruit/veggie scraps and anything else I can. I use the cloth grocery bags and reuse the plastic ones. Napkins & paper towels are tough to cut back on though.

  20. Mary Nasfell says:

    Anyway, in the interests of “going green”, and on advice of my grandkids, I recently made a number of changes in my life to help. I put two small wastebaskets in my pantry, and I use one for tossing soda cans and plastic bottles (or containers!) and the other for newspapers and junk mail. Then once a week I put them out in the big blue bin and recycle! I feel like I am saving the earth! and being neat and tidy at the same time. Sounds like these paper towels accomplish the same tasks!

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