Christmas Clearance for Giving

While searching the Christmas clearance aisle for tissue paper today (no, I didn’t find any…) I had to stop at the dollar bins of holiday party favors/stocking stuffers.  Our church traditionally fills boxes for Operation Christmas Child each year.  At 50% off, I was able to score a lot of fun items for next year’s boxes!

If you’re shopping clearance this week, keep in mind different things that might be useful for giving throughout the year.  I also saw Christmas-themed pajamas and socks that would be a practical addition to the shoe boxes.  By purchasing items now, even more children can be blessed by your gift next Christmas!

Have you scored any great Christmas-clearance items this week?

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  1. I did the exact same thing! I even purchased a lot of the same items you have pictured. I’m hoping that the more little things I buy throughout the year, the more shoe boxes we ca fill.

  2. I didn’t get any deals this year:-(

  3. Linda from Georgia says:

    I was able to get plastic gift bags with a Christmas theme for 60% off. I need them for all the Love Gifts I provide for seniors, food pantry recipients and women’s shelters. Need a couple hundred more, but they disappeared BEFORE Christmas in most stores. I will be looking for 75% to 90% for other supplies.

    I decided yesterday to start looking for bargains for Christmas Child boxes. I want a much bigger stash than I had this year. I also look for bargains that are appropriate for those who are in the hospital or going through a particularly tough time. I am determined to get these little presents wrapped (and labeled) so I have no excuse for not making a delivery. I also want a stash of muffins, coffee cakes and brownies in the freezer.

    I am making provision so I have NO excuse for not showing people how loved and appreciated they are. I get very irritated with myself when I let opportuntieis slip by.

    Thanks for keeping us on our spiritual toes.

  4. I started a tub for next years OCC boxes the week after we had my birthday box packing party. I hit Target last night and Walmart this afternoon, and now my tub is full! I’m going to need a bigger tub! I’m so excited to be thinking about OCC ALL year this year. I know I can get free toothpaste and soap all year long by playing my coupons right. It will be a challenge to see how much I can get to give away!!

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