Celebrating Mom!

I’ve had this Celebrating Mom: A Week of Giveaways planned for over a month. Then I got too busy living my life as Mom to get the party started! Ah, well. The celebrating is in the living, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Better late than never, so be on the lookout for at least nine different giveaways over the next three days!

Celebrating MomI’ll post a wrap-up review of all of the giveaways on Sunday (or Monday…) just in case you missed something.

*** There is only one “rule” to follow: You do NOT have to be a mom to enter any of these giveaways. I want this to be a blessing to all women, and having been there, suffered that with years of infertility before and two miscarriages between all of our blessings, I want you to know that you matter. If you hold all of your babies in your hopes and dreams, you matter. If your heart aches with loss this Mother’s Day, you matter. If you gave up the dream of parenting your own children years ago, you matter. If you pour out your energy into your nieces and nephews, you matter. If you teach a classroom full of children while longing for your own, you matter!ย  These giveaways are for you, too. Enjoy!


ย Thank you, Lynette, for letting me use your lilac photo!

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  1. Bring it on, Amy. Here’s hoping there will be a Young Living giveaway of some kind, which of course I’d like to win.

  2. Sarah V. says:

    I love the lilac photo. So simple, yet so pretty.

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