Day in the Life {May 2014}

Catch up on my monthly Day in the Life posts here! It wasn't until I was folding Mt. Laundry at 10:30 yesterday morning to the tune of the usual background chaos that only sometimes drowns out the loud thoughts of all.the.things. in my head that it dawned on me: today is the 15th! My second thought: Whew! Glad I've accomplished something this morning so I'm not too embarrassed … [Read more...]

Fire Safety with Sparky the Fire Dog {and a Giveaway!}

I'm not gonna lie. I'm a worrier. It's silly, really, but I have to make myself chill out about the fact that three of our kiddos are now sleeping in the basement. Without us. They know fire safety. We're equipped with large safety windows in their bedrooms. But still.  (I would be a great candidate for the Family Bedroom if not for the fact that I like to sleep.) When I was … [Read more...]

It Just Doesn’t Work

Unless you've lived here for 7½ years or have endured one of my "I do NOT know what they were thinking!" kitchen tours, it may be hard to comprehend the reason behind our kitchen remodel. (Didn't we just dig a basement?!) And for those who have visited and have seen the absurdity, it's hard to comprehend why we waited this long! I'm not interested in granite counter tops … [Read more...]

Iced Coffee, Anyone?

Recently, Green Mountain Coffee asked me to try their iced latte and tell you what I think. I obliged. ;) Confession: The older I get, the more I like coffee. True story. Ten years ago you couldn't pay me to drink the stuff, though the scent of a pot brewing early in the morning at my parents' or grandparents' brings back all sorts of warm fuzzy memories. And then, … [Read more...]

31 Days of Digging Through the Archives

There's a blogging movement that has happened in October for the last few years. Bloggers commit to writing on the same topic for 31 days straight, everyone has a party at The Nester and it's just a whole lotta fun. And work. And time. I toyed with the idea of participating. 31 Days of Real Food. 31 Days of My Reality. 31 Days of Thriving in a Large(r) Family. 31 Days of … [Read more...]