Sunday Blessings, 8/11

I long ago challenged myself to count One Thousand Gifts. Let's keep counting! 522.  We started the week with a big ol' birthday celebration for two of our kiddos and one of my brothers'.  There's no fun like cousin fun when there are 15 children ages 10 and under!  Related:  How can my Baby Girl be a year old already?! 523.  Tiny Town T-Ball.  I've long given up on … [Read more...]

Sunday Blessings

Remember when I used to make it top priority around here to share a Finer Thing every Friday?  And then I added Sunday Blessings to the mix?   And then, in the busyness of daily life and survival mode, I stopped?  I miss those posts!  Writing them at the end of each week brought me back to my focus.  The Finer Things in Life.  Embracing the Extraordinary in Every Day.  I … [Read more...]

A New Pope, Good Friends, and Hope

All afternoon, I've been singing it.  "Make me a channel of your peace..."  It's always been a favorite, and today?  Well, wow.  Fitting. I watched the events this afternoon, fingers flying on Skype with a group of dear friends.  Protestant friends, every last one of 'em.   "White smoke!" "Lights!" "Oooo, check out the band!" "He picked St. Francis because of … [Read more...]


Ugh.  Stupid phone. That's what I was thinking as it rang in the kitchen, me "trapped" in the recliner, two rooms away, with a nursing/dozing baby girl.  I'm not even sure why I got up, disrupting her sleep and my peace.  I usually don't. Everyone else was playing outside, enjoying a sunshine-y spring-like afternoon, as I raced to the kitchen to answer the phone call from … [Read more...]

Blizzard Prayers

For two years now we've prayed for relief from the drought.  We've prayed for a real winter.  We've prayed for snow, rain, ice, any kind of moisture.  Every Sunday a prayer for rain is added to the intercessory prayers. Last week Tuesday we were cheering on the home team at our last regular-season basketball game of the year.  When we got home I noticed that the forecast … [Read more...]