Job Perk

After returning from a particularly frustrating meeting with the "powers that be" in the education system, one in which the outcome resulted in demanding more from his thinly stretched staff, my husband overheard his overworked, temporarily frustrated principal questioning (to anyone who would listen, I think) "Why would anyone go into teaching?" Well.  I don't want to … [Read more...]

KANSAS Landscape?!?

Our Halloween road trip through southern Kansas, along highway 160, prompted me to take these quick pics. Yes, we're in Kansas! Kansas landscape = one of the Finer Things!  Check out lots of great pictures at Wordless Wednesday. … [Read more...]

Football Family

I love my kids.  Every one of them.  My five year-old girl, my three year-old boy, my one year-old girl, and my 21 teenage boys.  Every one of them. Lance's football team has been such a blessing to our family here in Tiny Town.  These are a close-knit group of Godly, public-school taught young men.  Yes, I said Godly and public school in the same sentence.  And I meant … [Read more...]

Private Parade

Children tend to march to the beat of their own drummer.  My kids... they march, and dance, and twirl to the beat of their very own drum-line! The Kansas State Fair begins today, and this week our high school band shows their Tiny Town Stuff at Band Day.  Because of where we live (location, location, location!) we are the proud recipients of our very own parade every day for … [Read more...]

Our Teeny-Tiny School

Last Thursday my daughter had her first day of kindergarten. The First Day of School. The First. Day. Of. School... for my oldest child. GULP. You have no idea how much I have contemplated homeschooling in the last few months. I'm a teacher, for crying out loud. For eight years (six years full-time before I was married and while we prayed for a family, and then two … [Read more...]