Two Weeks in Tiny Town

In the midst of surviving enjoying a whirlwind of activity the first two weeks of June, something dawned on me. People who think there's nothing to do in a Tiny Town are just plain wrong. (You can disagree with me, but that doesn't mean I'm not right.)  ;-) Here's what you do when the big town/city entertainment and conveniences aren't so convenient. Top Ten: Two Weeks … [Read more...]

FTF: Tiny Town Carnival

There's no carnival like a Tiny Town carnival! Our sensational nursing home (seriously, they've won awards) put on their second annual Tiny Town Carnival this week.  We enjoyed 1 1/2 hours of Amtrak rides Gourmet sugar-coated grease Fake cheese and chips washed down with grape-colored icy corn syrup And tons of games where the rules could all be broken and … [Read more...]

Prom Week 2009

Perhaps it's not enough that he coaches football, basketball and track (ahem); Lance is also co-sponsor for the junior class.  In Tiny Town, that equals a big prom week for the two of us. Just because I'm a curious sort of gal, how many of you decorated your own prom space... tables included?  Yes, we (the junior class, their sponsors, the kids' parents, and any other … [Read more...]

Tiny Town Snow Removal

We have a long driveway.  A really long driveway for Tiny Town standards.  It comes in handy for bike riding and scootering and such. Not so handy when it's buried under 14 inches of snow with 2-3 foot drifts. Clearing this little path took us (um, you know "us" doesn't mean "me," right?) 60 minutes and a lot of sweat. Enter Tiny Town Knight in Shining Armor Yellow … [Read more...]

Small Town Living

I ♥ Tiny Town. Good thing, because tomorrow morning a news reporter will be on my doorstep to interview us about why we left the suburbs, good paying jobs, and the convenience of the city to move "to the middle of nowhere."  Seems we were volunteered to be spokespersons for a new Tiny Town commercial!  Here's what I might rave about. This is the cleanest little town … [Read more...]