October Clutter Update

Yesterday morning I was asked to donate a White Elephant gift for Tiny Town community BINGO night.  If I had anything. Figuring I'd embarrass myself if I showed up with several boxes of items (oh, but I think I could!), I just stuffed a sack full of extras from my "gift stash" in the basement. Baby boy and I had to come home early from BINGO night, and when the rest of the … [Read more...]

140 Characters Conference (#140conf) Coming to Kansas

I am so excited!  You know how passionate I am about life in a Tiny Town, and just last week I learned that a major social media conference ~ with a focus on small town living ~ is headed my way!  Previously held in New York City, Los Angeles, and Detroit (among other big cities) the #140conf is coming to Hutchinson, Kansas - population 41,000. How do you define “small … [Read more...]

Finer Things Friday: The Library

This child has become Independent Reader Extraordinaire in the last several months.  During quiet time.  Scrunched up by her window at night until there is no summer light left.  In her dress-up clothes.  It matters not, the when or where... she just needs a book in hand at. all. times. Last week we had reason to make a rare day trip to the city for appointments and … [Read more...]

Finer Things Friday: Right Here, Right Now

After a brief but heartfelt announcement expressing our sympathy to a rival school who lost a cheerleader to illness last weekend, we paused for a moment of silence.  Two tiny towns, rival schools knit together by unimaginable grief and a pigskin. The game went on, because that's what we do.  We play football, knowing that in the end, the ball isn't the game. Community, … [Read more...]

Finer Things Friday: An Awesome Day

This is the face of a first grader who gave in to the sandman at 10:45 the night before school started came barreling out of her room at 6:45 the next morning (fully dressed and with her bed made!), announcing "The 1st Grader's awake!" had an "Everything was awesome!" first day of school. And this {sigh} is the swelled heart of a mama who is grateful that going … [Read more...]