Are Episiotomies Necessary? {Ask the Readers}

I've never had one, so maybe some of my fabulous readers can help MaryAnn out with this question: I've seen a little bit about episiotomies and the entire idea kind of freaks me out.  Is it required?  Is it preventable?  Is it really as awful as it sounds?  I've seen a little bit about preventing one, but then some articles that say that there are hospitals that will require … [Read more...]

Unnecessary Delivery Room Charges {I paid what? For what?!}

"I feel a blog post coming on," is what my husband said as I was reading to him some of our hospital charges.  He was right. You'd think that with our fifth baby we'd know better, but it honestly wasn't something I'd thought about before.  When I received our hospital bill after baby #5, though, I called to get an itemized list.  Delivering a baby isn't cheap, and I wanted … [Read more...]

The Postpartum Dad

Yes, really. I know, mom.  I know we're the ones who endured the get-this-thing-outta-me-right-NOWWW labor.  I know we're the ones breathing through afterpains with each early nursing session.  Yes, we're the ones sobbing uncontrollably over our saggy, droopy, loose everything weeks after delivery.  The ones sweating out hormones, pulling out clumps of hair, and losing out … [Read more...]

Labor Day {Birth Story} Link Up

After birthing five babies, I will never think of Labor Day without thinking of labor.  ;)  Love me a good labor and birth story!  I've shared mine, and I want to read yours!  Whether you posted it 5 years ago or scramble to type it out upon seeing this post, please do link up. Disregard the usual linky etiquette.  No need to link back.  Feel free to link multiple … [Read more...]

Postpartum Recovery: Feel Better Faster

It goes without saying that birthing a child in any way involves a fair amount of discomfort, and yes... pain.  Productive pain with a purpose (and a super cute end result)... but still!  I'm a firm believer, though, that the postpartum recovery period can, in many ways, be shortened and made more bearable.  Feel better faster, and get back to yourself, mama! Ice ~ After … [Read more...]