How Dare They?

Someone in my house woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  She was grumpy from the getgo; irritated at every turn.  But she had good reasons... How dare her 17 month old poop in her diaper so early in the day?  And good grief -- could she whine any louder to be held and cuddled first thing in the morning?  The very thought! How dare her Kindergartener forget to do her … [Read more...]

Follow Their Lead

When I received this message in my inbox from my friend Sarah , I knew it was perfect for this week's Living Simply Saturdays post.  She agreed to share her story, so here's Sarah (with a little editing for explanation and anonymity)! Last Saturday Darren and I went to Kansas City alone (minus two active young boys) to help my sister and her new husband clean and paint their … [Read more...]