The Tenth One

"This is the one I have trouble with," she whispered, pointing timidly to the children's Bible resting on her lap. {sigh} The tenth one. I know it well.  Do not want what belongs to anyone else. When we got home from church that morning, she went on.  "I learned a lot about it at Christmas this year, when I wanted what my cousins had.  I liked my presents; I … [Read more...]

She is Advent

The tree has been up for two days, and we already have a casualty. Poor Joseph. Stripped from his broken, once cozy, bell-shaped abode.  Pried loose by the determined fingers of a curious 3 year old.  The same curiosity and determination that unhinged the bell ornament; a gift from my sister's years ago trip to Rome. It's just a thing. But it's a pretty thing, a … [Read more...]

Finer Things Friday: Good Enough

My quizzical, trying-not-to-laugh look prompted an insistent "But Mom.  They do match.  See?  This one's pink and this one has a pink bow!" Impatient baby in one arm, a clock screaming "you're late - again" and yes. It was. Good enough. I don't even remember where we went that afternoon, but I do remember thinking that someday my three-year-old walking fashion … [Read more...]

They Didn’t Know

One of my favorite things about children is their innocent excitement over everything. Over the holiday weekend we visited family in Oklahoma and needed to spend the night in a somewhat smallish town.  If you know anything about somewhat smallish towns, then you know that overnight accommodation selections can be a bit, um... limited. *** Not our motel.  But, … [Read more...]

Future Homekeeper

She loves to help. When I stall my own eye-rolling and this is going to be a mess attitude, I let her.  And I see it. I see the pride in helping mama. I see the contentment in working side-by-side with me. I see the enthusiasm in completing an assigned task. I see the joy in a job well done. I see the fun in my own mundane duties. Viewing life through her binoculars … [Read more...]