When Galaxy Doesn’t Mean Outer Space

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Moms Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product. Funny story. Back in May, I received an offer to join the Mom-Focused Verizon Wireless Blogger Program:  "This program will bring together an elite group of bloggers to share their … [Read more...]

Gram and Her Contests

Have I ever told you about Lance's Gram and the contests she entered all.the.time?  Oh, that lady.  She was a gem and we miss her so!  I could likely dedicate a whole blog to her spitfire personality, but for today, let's establish two things: We named our second daughter after her, and it nearly frightens us (with laughter) how she acts so much like the great … [Read more...]

Do You Give a Cup?

I had to laugh when Peet's coffee asked me to share with you their Give a Cup promotion.  Right now, in the heat of the summer, in the middle of harvest, nearing the end of baseball/softball season, at the end of my rope, I'm finding it difficult to Give a Cup about much of anything.  ;)  And that right there is when things start to get fun around here!  Care to join … [Read more...]

The Pitter Patter of Elephant Feet

It goes something like this: Though we have no plans to leave the house, he insists on socks and shoes in the morning.  I pick my battles, and that's not one of 'em.  Socks and shoes it is. Baby girl nurses to sleep, ready for her morning nap.  We're rocking in the recliner, and the little guy is kept relatively quiet reading, playing, or watching a show. I stealthly … [Read more...]

Free 2012 Time Capsule Printable {My New Year’s Gift to You}

In our family, 2012 may be remembered as "The year of the Christmas Day Pukes."  Um, yeah.  It's been real around here the last few days.  ;) Truly, though?  There are worse things!  (Even worse than major puke down a bunk bed ladder.  ::shudder::) Family Time Capsule Creating a Family Time Capsule is not only a fun, no-cost project for a special day, but it doubles as an … [Read more...]