Sharing the Mayhem

A couple days ago in one of the Facebook groups that I like to pop in on, there was a discussion lamenting how depressing and maddening social media has been lately, referring to people biting at each other over politics. So I showed them my most recent Facebook post. And there you have it. You're caught up on my life! You're welcome! (PS - Sometimes I think we're … [Read more...]

New Year’s Eve Time Capsule ~ Free Printable

I don't remember the first year I posted one of these (2011 maybe?), but I do remember a kind reader asking me if I had one last year, and I didn't! (Oh, the guilt!) New Year's celebrations can be fun for the whole family as we look back on the past year and look forward to goals and plans for 2016. You can download this free printable for the kids to fill out. Stash them away … [Read more...]

In the Toilet

Ever feel like life's in the toilet? Well, I've got nothing encouraging for you tonight. Sorry. Just this. Twelve+ years of parenting. Six children. Several flushed toothbrushes. Countless toilet-water-dipped hands. But this was a first. 4yo yelled upstairs, "Hey mom! J needs you! She's playing in the toilet!" Not exactly the hands in the toilet that I had … [Read more...]

Fall BINGO {FREE Customizable Printable}

[pinit count="horizontal"] After using my Summer Bingo Boards, several of you have asked for a fall version. Ask and you shall receive! Printable Fall Bingo Board   There are two different sizes for different ages, activities, and needs. Use what suits you! Print your 49-square Fall Bingo Board here. Print your 25-square Fall Bingo Board here! You may … [Read more...]

You Can’t See Me

I'll add a photo later for effect, but use your imagination. Update: Staged Photo Last night we were watching the Royals when Miss 2 appeared for the 327th time. I put her back in her bed. Again. And again. Miss 11 was up watching with us, and we put her on toddler duty (mostly because we were both quite frustrated by this point). Up again, we didn't even look … [Read more...]