Blessing Others With Food

Blessing families with food is one easy way for me to practice Christian Stewardship. I love to cook and bake, and I love to share food with others. (Just please don't ask me to clean your house... I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with my own!) Over at Life as MOM, Fishmama is hosting a recipe swap for a Dish that You Deliver. A meal that I enjoy sharing with … [Read more...]


So, remember this?  Turns out that pesky little mole (the one that I was told was probably fine and we should just keep an eye on it and get it checked out every three months) was a melanoma.  Skin cancer.  The deadliest form of skin cancer. I just got the call this afternoon.  Funny... today is the day that I can take out my stitches.  Now they need to do another surgery to … [Read more...]

My New Ugly Scar

"What happen your arm, Mommy? You be okay?" That's what I heard when I walked through the door today as my two-year old surveyed my bandaged forearm. Yes, buddy, I'm fine. (And thank you so much for caring!) This morning I had a mole taken off of my arm. When I went to my very first dermatology appointment six weeks ago, the PA said it was probably fine and we could … [Read more...]

NFP Awareness Week

In honor of Natural Family Planning Awareness Week, I want to recognize the work of the Couple to Couple League. We first learned NFP to search for a solution to our infertility problem. My charts provided valuable information to us and to our doctors. Nine years and three children later :-) , we still use NFP and would never use any other form of family planning. Here's … [Read more...]