A Full Pantry {Finer Things Friday}

A full pantry.  A full freezer.  We are fully blessed, and we have a bit of a mess. Living where we do, in the Land of No Takeout or Grocery Stores, it's important to be prepared.  Stocking up on the basics is essential to eating well in a Tiny Town, because we don't have the time or desire to be driving 40 miles round trip for pasta sauce, and our neighbors only have so … [Read more...]

A Welcoming Home Honors Daddy

This week in the Honoring Daddy series, we offered up ways to welcome Daddy home.  Just like every home is unique, every man's expectations are likely different. My own house becomes a welcoming haven if we the people are pleasant when my husband walks through the door.  Smiling and having fun? Bonus!  It seems he's not alone with his simple requests: From Mr. Feels … [Read more...]