Successful Summer Days

School's out and summer days are here!  How do you ensure a fun summer for the family without letting the house fall apart or stressing everyone out with a packed schedule?  Here's what works for us. Morning Routine Without the school tardy bell to prod us along, my children tend to think they can roll out of bed, turn on a movie or computer game, and relax their way into the … [Read more...]

Ready or Not!

Baby #1 = Due May 15, arrived May 6 Baby #2 = Due August 13, arrived August 8 Baby #3 = Due July 31, arrived July 22 Baby #4 = Due September 20, arrived September 2 Lessons Learned:  1) Due dates are not law (only 10% of babies are born on their due date), babies come when they're ready.  2)  My babies seem to be ready well before their due date. Last week, when … [Read more...]

When Life Gets in the Way

Anyone else out there find that one day turns into another turns into a week and then a month before you stop and say "Hey!  Wait!  I was gonna... (clean out my closet, start a cash budget, write to my sponsored child)"  It's not just me, is it? One quarter of the year 2012 is gone.  Vanished.  Poof. Are you working on your goals?  Spring cleaning your home?  Getting … [Read more...]

Let’s Get to Cleaning! {This is where you sign up for the prizes.}

Oh, is it time?  Already? Yes, yes it is.  If you need me, this is where you'll find me today. Let's get to cleaning!  My personal goal for this week is to get through all three bedrooms in our home, floor to ceiling.  Clear the clutter, move furniture, seasonal clothing swap, floors, dusting, and windows.  Typing that out makes me want to crawl back into my cozy … [Read more...]

A Spring Cleaning Challenge ~ (Who’s in? We have prizes!)

  I just threw open a {smudged} window for some inspiration.  Doesn't matter what the calendar says, Kansas says it's spring right now!  And you know what that means?  Spring Cleaning time is here!  (Do I sound excited?  Because I only kind of am... excited to have a clean house, notsomuch excited about all the work involved.) Work is more fun with friends … [Read more...]