$640 in Reading and Freebies for $29.97 This Week Only

More ebooks than you'll ever read?  Quite possibly.  Worth it?  I think so!  Here's the thing.  I'll never read all of these ebooks.  However, I have read and will read some of them, and the bonuses at the bottom (that I really, really can use) more than cover the cost of the bundle, so I'm in! What I already have, know, and use. 28 Days to Hope for your Home by Dana @ A … [Read more...]

Just Do the Next Thing {A Fresh Start}

{ Fresh Start Series: Action Trumps Intention ~ The Mom Voice ~  Early to Bed, Early to Rise ~ Get Some Help ~ Try Something New ~ Say Yes! ~ Preparing for Pregnancy ~  Better Late Than Never ~ Pick Five ~ Make Time for Family Fun ~ Breathe ~ The Most Important Meal ~  Make a (Menu) Plan ~ Get Moving ~ The Family Dinner ~ Lighten Up ~ Go to Bed With a Clean Slate ~ Just Say No … [Read more...]

Go to bed with a clean slate. {A Fresh Start}

I spent the first hour of my morning trying to clean my kitchen, in between serving up breakfast and helping the kids get ready for school.  In other words, I really should have titled this post What NOT To Do.  I was tired last night, and had already stayed up too late.  After "mostly" cleaning up the kitchen and "mostly" putting groceries away, I threw in the towel for a … [Read more...]

Resetting After a Holiday

Ah, the Holiday Aftermath.  For us, it means Layered Chocolate Pie Dessert everywhere.  ;)  Back to school, back to menu planning, and back to a routine.  Time to reset after a holiday! Reset My Time If I don't tell my time what to do, it disappears, much like many people with their money.  Getting up early helps, but so does the Time Budget, made famous by my friend Amy … [Read more...]

Pressing the Reset Button

I know many families use their weekend to plan and prepare for the week ahead, and I say do what works for you, but... that doesn't always work for us.  Our weekends right now consist of teenage boys crowding our dining room table for breakfast at 7am Saturday morning, then sprawled on our living room floor watching game film until about 9.  After that we're out the door to our … [Read more...]