Groceries for Eight: September Spending

Over the years, many MANY of you have asked about what we spend on food. I hate that question. I used to be That Girl when I'd look at someone else's budget or grocery cart. (Well, no wonder it costs so much. Don't they know about coupons? Ewww, what JUNK is that?! That's not food! No wonder she got her groceries for the week for $16.42. There's nothing with any nutrients in … [Read more...]

How do you keep your house that clean with 5 kiddos??

I nearly choked on my lunch when I read that question/comment on my Facebook post earlier today.   Bless her, she had the 5 kiddos thing right, but the house? clean? Pffffft. Don't fall off your chairs, friends. This isn't a post about keeping the house clean with 5 kids.  This is a post about perspective. This was the photo in question (crazy girl climbs and moves … [Read more...]

HP Intervention for Amy’s Walls

This is a corner of my dining room. See a problem?  Ok, well, in the grand scheme of all the world's ills, it's not a problem.  But still, friends.  I'm missing a child and my other children are trapped in time!  Poor Mr. 2 hasn't yet grown out of infancy!  Confession:  I'm a slacker.  (Oh.  You already knew that?!) Another confession:  We had beautiful family photos … [Read more...]

Summer Chores for Kids

This is a sponsored post written by me for BISSELL as part of the Mom it Forward network.  Summer.  It's quite the balance of leisure, lazy, active, and productive.   I don't have any fancy chore charts or systems to share with you (you can find them on Pinterest, though!) since I still haven't figured out what fits our family perfectly, but that doesn't mean we don't put … [Read more...]

Real(er) Food Soda Alternative

It nearly pained me to type "soda" up there, because it's POP, people.  POP.  ;) May completely got away from me, but I'm clawing my way back to writing before June escapes, too!  Here's a Keeping it Real review if you wish. I don't know too many people who don't enjoy a little fizz every now and again, myself included.  (Serve it up with some Sonic ice, and I'm your … [Read more...]