Winter Wellness Class TONIGHT {and a special offer from me!}

A little message from me to you! Tonight I am co-hosting a Winter Wellness class on Facebook at 7PM CST. You can find the class on Facebook right here. If you can't attend at that time, feel free to look through the posts at your convenience! You can't use what you don't have! If you decide that now is the right time for your family to invest in a Premium Starter … [Read more...]

Groceries for Eight: September Spending

Over the years, many MANY of you have asked about what we spend on food. I hate that question. I used to be That Girl when I'd look at someone else's budget or grocery cart. (Well, no wonder it costs so much. Don't they know about coupons? Ewww, what JUNK is that?! That's not food! No wonder she got her groceries for the week for $16.42. There's nothing with any nutrients in … [Read more...]

If you don’t love your essential oils, you might be doing it wrong.

[pinit count="horizontal"] I've spent a lot of time over the past 4 years encouraging friends, family, and total strangers (because I'm awesome like that) to use essential oils for optimal wellness, and to not stress over the intricacies. Do not fear the oils! Just respect them, I say. You can't go wrong, I say. But I may need to take it all back. If you love your essential … [Read more...]

Mama, it’s okay to take care of yourself

[pinit count="horizontal"] When you're living in survival mode, and heck, let's face it, When You're A Mom, it's tempting to put self-care aside "for the good of the family." And heck, who has the time, anyway?! Well, Mama, it's okay to take care of yourself! It's necessary, and it IS for the good of the family! When I feel human, I can better care for my humans. Imagine … [Read more...]

When it’s time to break free from survival mode

[pinit count="horizontal"] It's time. Mid-summer, when our sixth baby turned a year old, I finally admitted to myself that I had been in survival mode for nearly a year, and that it was time to break free.  There is a time for everything, and adding a sixth child to a busy family the same year that our oldest started middle school and All.The.Activities (cheerleading, … [Read more...]