Menu Plan Monday, 8/11 {Cheesy Zucchini Crisps}

Although the thermometer is giving no indication (well, except for today... it feels like fall!), summer ends for us this week.  My husband returns to school for inservice tomorrow, and we'll send our oldest child to her first day of kindergarten on Thursday.  SIGH (more on that later this week) During the school year I don't plan weekday breakfasts and lunches.  What … [Read more...]

Our Abbreviated Menu, 8/3 {Home-Style Ribs}

We're taking off on a mini-vacation this week (if you can call me-traipsing-a-small-city-with-three-children-while-hubby-is-at-meetings-all-day a vacation) so our menu plan is a bit abbreviated. However, I've included some links to great recipes for the meals we are eating at home! Sunday, 8/3 French Toast made with homemade potato bread (Finally! I've been wanting to … [Read more...]

Messless Meatballs

We love BBQ Meatballs, but I'm not much for squishy raw meat on my hands. Especially when I have to stop what I'm doing every two seconds or so to tend to the needs of a little person... or two... or three. ;-) I was quite pleased with myself the day I figured out that my large cookie scoop was about the same size as the meatballs I usually make. So now I "scoop and plop" my … [Read more...]