Preparing for Crazytown {and our menu this week}

Watching our cousin run the hurdles LIVE at the state track meet last week, from the comforts of home?  A Finer Thing, for sure! Summer is officially in full swing, and it's about to get REAL around here.  I'm a homebody, friends.  Those of you who do this every day receive my full admiration, but for me?  The week ahead is nuts. Vacation Bible School every morning, … [Read more...]

Menu Plan, Make it or Break it Week

The big kid, the one with leftover orange smelly marker mustache from the last day of school, insisted on helping me make blueberry baked oatmeal late one night last week.  I may have sighed a little (go to bed already!) but we did it anyway.  This "Yes, Mom" moment brought to you by the foresight that teaching my kids to cook now will eventually pay off.  My big kids have … [Read more...]

Menu Plan ~ Week of May 19 {Because I should probably start cooking again.}

All week I've been singing to myself:  Back to liiiiiiiife, back to reality as I try to regain control of our home and schedule.  Funny thing after arriving home from a trip.  The people in my house still want to eat, and there's "no one" here to cook for us!  ;)  Truth?  I left my house a wreck when we walked out the door at 4am last Thursday.  I didn't plan ahead.  I didn't … [Read more...]

Menu Plan ~ Week of April 28

We shipped four kiddos with grandma and grandpa yesterday after soccer and headed to the city with our littlest buddy for a full day of errands and power shopping, arriving home at 10 last night.  We'll go get them after church this morning and then dive headlong into the week.  Can't believe we'll be flipping the calendar over this week!  Hope the weather takes note and stays … [Read more...]

Menu Plan, Week of April 21

My family headed out to work cattle on the farm on this (rare!) beautiful spring day, trying to get them done before the weather gets cold yet again.  Come on spring!  Stay and play awhile!  I sent them off with bellies full of sausage/eggs scramble, homemade hashbrowns, muffins, and oranges. Baby girl and I are staying home to rest and to make overnight breakfast casserole … [Read more...]