Deals and Meals, 2/6

This Week's Deals Why yes, that is 20 cans of Rotel.  More on how and why I purchased all of those for 19¢ each later this week.  In the meantime, here are the deals I snagged yesterday. Manager's Specials veggie/cheese/turkey sausage tray, reduced to $6.99 - perfect for easy Super Bowl snackin', and I know I'd spend more than that if I purchased those items … [Read more...]

Deals and Meals, 1/30

In a mad dash of ballgames and preparing for our baby's baptism this weekend, we made two different stops at Dillon's.  I'm excited to get my act together and go back next weekend, also.  The Mega Event is on, and it's too good to miss!  Remember, I purchase much more than what's in the photos.  We have to to eat a balanced diet! Mega Event aside, some of our meals will be a … [Read more...]