Make it Homemade

I came across this the other day on Facebook. It's a sober reminder of what to look for, and avoid, in the products we purchase.  Easier said than done, though, right?  Manufacturers are sneaky, and it's easy to overlook harmful ingredients in favor of cost and convenience. The best way to ensure that your food is made with only the ingredients you approve of?  Make … [Read more...]

Leftover Makeovers

The sales haven't been great.  Good coupons seem few and far between.  We're working hard to make real, whole foods a priority.  Sometimes, what I lack in funds I can make up for in time, but you know... as much as I enjoy my kitchen, I really can't spend hours a day preparing healthy, from scratch meals, either. What's a mom to do to serve her family quality meals for … [Read more...]

Kitchen Essentials {Reader Question}

Who wants to help me with this question from Kelly? My husband and I are moving into a new apartment after spending some time staying with his family while I went to school for my Master of Teaching degree. I have to build back up our kitchen, and I'm having trouble remembering those little things in the kitchen we just can't live without, and keeping it separate from those … [Read more...]

Use It or Lose It {Pantry Challenge}

Over-stuffed bins.  "Food" I knew I'd never fix for my family.  Expired goods.  And a whole lotta candy.  That's what I found when I finally got around to cleaning out the mess that is our makeshift pantry. One of my own goals with this January Pantry Challenge was to clean it all out and reorganize.  My resources can't be utilized if I don't know what I have! It seems … [Read more...]

Substitute for a Double Boiler

I try to be a make do or do without kind of girl, instead of running out and spending money I don't have on gadgets I don't need very often.  One of those gadgets is a double boiler.  I don't have one, and I usually make do by using the microwave or just skipping over "those recipes." When it was time to make a batch of hard lotion, though, I really did need a double … [Read more...]