About That Real Food Series…

I know I told you I'd write it, but I'm dragging my feet.  Here's the thing, friends.  People (myself included) tend to put their judgy pants on when it comes to food.  While I think we've made great strides as a family to eat better and have made quality food a priority in our use of time and money, no matter what I say about our choices, I'm just certain someone's lurking … [Read more...]

How to Cool Your Soup

I pretty much like my hot food hot and my cold food cold.  The rest of the family?  Well, they prefer to eat without burning their tongues.  Ok, fine.  Waiting it out works... slowly.  Blowing on each bite works... with splatters of soup on my table.  Ice works... but waters down the flavor.  What really works?  Frozen peas.  Add them to individual bowls of … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Dip with Graham Cracker Sticks

This fun appetizer conjures happy memories of my teaching days.  Once a month we'd celebrate that month's birthdays with a big ol' snacky smorgasbord in the teacher workroom.   This dip was a huge hit.  These days, my own children gobble it up.  I've also seen it made into a cheeseball, rolled into nuts, but I've never taken the time to make it that pretty.  … [Read more...]

Aluminum Foil Alternate

Because I haven't shared a courtesy dirty oven photo recently... Out of aluminum foil?  No worries!  Use a cookie sheet to cover your baking dish.  Save green and go green all at the same time! {Note to self:  Clean the oven!} … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Recipes and Tips

It's the most wonderful time of the year! (What?! I say it all starts with Thanksgiving!)  My mom does the hosting every year, preparing the turkey and ham (we have both), dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, cranberry salad, and a few pies.  Then everyone else chips in with more sides, salads, and desserts. Since there are "only" 22 in our family, we always invite … [Read more...]