Too Many Tiny Tomatoes?

I'm interrupting my Fill Your Freezer series (you can see the first two posts here and here) to ask a very important question.  What on earth am I going to do with dozens of these? And hundreds more of these?  (They'll be ripe soon!) My generous neighbor has given me free reign over his prolific garden, which is awesome for me... but he has so many cherry tomatoes.  … [Read more...]

Mystery Solved

With the cool fall weather we are experiencing in the heart of Kansas, I am prompted to share that our Mulch Pit Mystery is solved! We are growing tons of... have you guessed yet? Pumpkins! No 500 pound State Fair winners in our pumpkin patch, but they are so very cute.  We'll have lots of fun decorating for fall with our harvest and plenty to share, … [Read more...]

Cantaloupe Creation and Our Menu

My neighbors... and family... and friends of the family are awesome! They've blessed us with well over $100 of fresh garden produce this summer, and I haven't even picked from one neighbor's peach or apple trees yet! While slicing and dicing our third cantaloupe of the week yesterday (Mr. R's patch is really taking off right now), I wondered just how many days in a row my … [Read more...]

Sweet Corn Harvest

There's nothing quite like fresh sweet corn on the cob in the summer... except, maybe, enjoying fresh sweet corn all year 'round! My little family is blessed to live near my aunt and uncle who raise corn. So blessed that we get to help them harvest it AND eat it! Here's what we do... Early in the morning, when the dew is heavy, all the worker bees head to the field to pick … [Read more...]

Mulch Pit Mystery

If you knew me in real life and you heard me talk about my "green thumb," you would laugh... hysterically.  I can't even keep house plants alive, for goodness sake.  However, you can count me in for a good science experiment (I taught middle school science for several years.  That qualifies me... for something... right?), and that seems to be just what we have. We have a mulch … [Read more...]