Get Movin’ With Your Monkeys

Head on over to Happy to be at Home to read my Mommy Monday guest post, and to see why this ridiculous picture was intentionally taken... … [Read more...]

Early Detection

On August 11, I received a phone call.  The kind of phone call that leaves a person a little shook up the rest of the day.  Through the receiver I listened as a trained-compassionate voice told me the mole that I had removed from my forearm two weeks prior was a melanoma. It's not every day that someone calls you up to report that you have skin cancer. Tonight I am … [Read more...]


So, remember this?  Turns out that pesky little mole (the one that I was told was probably fine and we should just keep an eye on it and get it checked out every three months) was a melanoma.  Skin cancer.  The deadliest form of skin cancer. I just got the call this afternoon.  Funny... today is the day that I can take out my stitches.  Now they need to do another surgery to … [Read more...]

My New Ugly Scar

"What happen your arm, Mommy? You be okay?" That's what I heard when I walked through the door today as my two-year old surveyed my bandaged forearm. Yes, buddy, I'm fine. (And thank you so much for caring!) This morning I had a mole taken off of my arm. When I went to my very first dermatology appointment six weeks ago, the PA said it was probably fine and we could … [Read more...]

NFP Awareness Week

In honor of Natural Family Planning Awareness Week, I want to recognize the work of the Couple to Couple League. We first learned NFP to search for a solution to our infertility problem. My charts provided valuable information to us and to our doctors. Nine years and three children later :-) , we still use NFP and would never use any other form of family planning. Here's … [Read more...]