Don’t Refuse the Sleep

Denying needed sleep rarely turns out well, whether you're a toddler with a new big girl bed or a 39 year old seasoned mama of six enjoying the late night quiet a little too much. Miss 2 refused her nap on Sunday. This is how I found her later that afternoon when I went downstairs to switch some laundry. I feel her pain. The lack of self-care caught up with me late … [Read more...]

Yes. I’m Tired.

I met a new friend tonight. I don't know Lindsay, but she shares my mama heart. And I thank my good friend Jen for introducing us on Facebook. I knew that crazy FB was good for something! I think people are tired of being told that new medicines and ways of practicing healthcare, that have been around for less than 100 years, are the best and only intelligent way to treat … [Read more...]

Save Money By Stretching Your Essential Oils

You're loving your essential oils. Your family is reaping the benefits. Your home smells fantastic. You're continually amazed with their effect on burns, stings, sleep, and mood. You are happy, happy, happy. Except, you're a little taken aback with what they're doing to your budget. Or maybe you've heard the buzz. You've read how folks have weaned off of harmful medications … [Read more...]

Essential Oil Starter Guide

I told you last spring I would work on an intro class for all of you who can't meet me at my house. And then we went to eleventy billion swim meets and baseball games. And then I had a baby. And then the angels sang and the Oily Families team saved the day! This isn't a full online class, but it is a fantastic Essential Oils Starter Guide in online magazine format.  … [Read more...]

Thieves Winner and EO Samples

***Giveaway Closed, but keep the comments/questions coming! EO Sample Winners: Emily (thecainhome@), Jen (jenmlirette@), Rebekah from Simply Rebekah (Rebekah@) *** Great news for Cheryl B! She won last week's Thieves Kit Giveaway! As I was putting together some sample bottles to send to a few friends today, I thought of all of you. So many had questions about essential … [Read more...]