First, Gratitude {A Fresh Start}

If we do nothing else this year, if no other improvements are made or habits changed, there is this one thing that perhaps we could all use a little more of. Gratitude. It's been proven over and over that those who are thankful for what they have, whatever that may or may not be, are happier.  More content.  Joyful. We can't always change our circumstances.  Sometimes the … [Read more...]

I’m Living It

My children came home from school Friday afternoon. We laughed, ate, played, and ate some more at our big family Christmas party all day Saturday. They joined 13 others in the church Christmas program yesterday morning, belting out Mary Had a Baby.  I nearly didn't have enough tissues. The day-to-day is blog worthy.  They came home.  We laughed.  They sang.  Every … [Read more...]

What’s Your Greatest Blessing?

Last year on Black Friday I snagged a hot deal and upgraded my (perfectly fine but with no handle on the bowl) 4-quart KitchenAid Mixer for a 6?7? quart "professional series" mixer. A red one. You know how I feel about all things red!Anyway, by selling my perfectly fine mixer and combining the sale price of the new one with a rebate, I was pretty much planning to run away … [Read more...]


... for you! Thanks for making this a safe, fun place to share my heart and my disorganized Type Z craziness.  ;)   photo   … [Read more...]

Blueberries for Thanksgiving

Several years ago, before we had children, we headed to my in-laws for Lance's extended family's Thanksgiving meal.  It seemed quiet when we got there, and when we walked in the door we found his sister... flipping blueberry pancakes. Happy Thanksgiving! I don't remember what the miscommunication was and why we weren't eating a traditional turkey dinner, but nobody went … [Read more...]