Off and Running!

We are already a week into our new school year! It was time, friends. I was under no delusions that the summer chaos would end, of course. I know it just shifts to school year chaos. But school year chaos comes with earlier bedtimes at our house! (If it's not a game night, that is.) I'm rather certain that the next 18 or so years of my life will be very loud, very busy, and … [Read more...]

Soccer Surprise {Finer Things Friday}

So, I'm co-coaching our 6yo son's soccer team this year, and yesterday was our first practice.  Yes, laugh if you will.  I have been!  ;) In the middle of a penalty kick drill, I noticed the high school football team jogging our way.  Yes, my husband's team.  I figured they were running laps or something and carried on... until they were on our turf and no longer could be … [Read more...]

More Than a Game {Finer Things Friday}

It's that time again!  Football practice starts Monday.  Early mornings.  Late evenings.  Games on Friday.  Breakfast Saturday.  It's hectic.  It's chaotic.  It's so much more than football.  Tonight we rewarded the guys who busted it all summer in the weight room with a steak dinner.  This is the aftermath.  Such a fun way to kick off the new season!  Yes, … [Read more...]

Where I Come From {Finer Things Friday}

You know those country songs that make you nostalgic for community and the good ol' days?  Visions of a white gazebo in the town square, flags flying, neighbors dishing out homemade ice cream.  My life was that country song over the holiday weekend! Sno cones at the park. The dirt had to go somewhere when they dug the mud volleyball pits!   Watching the … [Read more...]

Small Business Saturday Deals

In place of my weekly Weekend Wanderings feature, I'd like to join in Small Business Saturday and highlight a few "mom shops" from around the web.  Perhaps you'll find the perfect, unique gift for a special someone (maybe even yourself?) and if you purchase, you'll also be giving a virtual "thumbs up" for the entrepreneurial spirit. A day to come together in support of … [Read more...]