Join Them!

My kids are great teachers.  They teach me how to slow down.  They show me what really matters.  They help me get back to the basics and focus on the Finer Things. Children are all about simplicity.  Feed me.  Clothe me.  Love me.  Feed me.  They like to be fed, too. I had a couple of choices when my little scavengers bellied up to the apple crisp bar … [Read more...]

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Can you see it?  Can you feel it?  Can you smell it? Oh, it's been so hot and dry here in Central Kansas and we are right now in the middle of a totally unexpected, oh so refreshing, downpour.  The smell of rain is definitely one of the Finer Things in Life.  What finer things are you celebrating today? … [Read more...]

Finer Things Friday

Mmmmmmmm, fresh-picked Sweet Corn straight off the cob. Definitely a "finer thing" of the summer. Join me next week when I share our harvesting and preserving method. Think 200+ dozen (yes, I said dozen -- you do the math) ears of sweet corn becoming 200+ bags of corn kernels stacked in the freezer (distributed between a few freezers, actually) to enjoy throughout the … [Read more...]