Spring Break Fun {Finer Things Friday}

We're on Spring Break this week.  No beaches or big vacation plans for us, but I did get to spend Tuesday with some of my favorite people. While the rest of the family helped out on Lance's family farm, baby girl and I hung out with my grandparents.  You remember them, right? This?  Is such a gift.  This time we had, made all the more special because they need us, too.  … [Read more...]

Phew! {Finer Things Friday}

I was all set to tell you about the weather, my Azure drop, our steak dinner last night, and how my roly poly baby girl crawled into the kitchen yesterday and sat up like she means business. Then my internet didn't work.  And I lost an hour of my morning.  So an hour later, it's working.  Phew!  (I have lots of writing to do today.)  For a blogger, a working internet is a … [Read more...]

Random Finer Things

1.  These two are becoming great friends. 2.  She is full-blown on the move, which is both petrifying and thrilling. 3.  We picked up a stranded motorist last night and drove her 20 miles to her (temporary) destination.  Our 7yo overheard her phone conversation with her daughter, then whispered to me, "I'm glad she's not homeless, Mom."  So sweet, that one.  (By the way, … [Read more...]

What Took Me So Long? {Finer Things Friday}

The written word is so incredibly powerful.  Encouragement on paper to be read over and over.  We've all saved treasured cards and letters over the years in a special drawer or box. One of my goals this year is to write more.  Yes, that includes a couple of ebooks that have been living in my head far too long (yep, I said it... now it has to happen, right?) but more … [Read more...]

Fifteen {Finer Things Friday}

At 6:30 yesterday morning, as I watched the sun rise over glistening white, I guessed eight. I was wrong. Fifteen!  We got fifteen inches of snow Wednesday and Thursday!  I know some of you are sick and tired of winter.  Ready for spring.  Weary of snow.  Us, though?  We could not be more thrilled and thankful!  When you're in the middle of the worst drought in 50 years … [Read more...]